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Pretty Balls


I can’t wait to get out and try these new Velocity Pink. These are so much cuter than the other brand I used becuase these are sparkly. Cute AND Titleist...can’t go wrong. Seriously, as a newbie I prefer the bright pink because it’s easier to follow/find with my aging eyes. Looking forward to comparing these to the ProVI.

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  1. Abby L., Team Titleist Staff

    Myra - I'm so glad you like the new Velocity pink! The color is beautiful. Play well and enjoy! If you do end up preferring Pro V1, you can always order it with a pink play number and alignment aid:

    Team Titleist Staff
  2. Chuck Z

    They are nicer than those matte balls. Probably give you better distance and control.
  3. Dave N

    My wife starts using the new Velocity when they came out(maybe 6-8 weeks ago) she got a water bottle(promo offer) with them when you buy a dozen. She got the pink and orange.
  4. Myra

    I got to test them against my ProV1 and that is exactly the difference I felt — more control. The ProV1 go farther but the Velocity went straighter.

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