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ladies pro v1

Richard B

I found a new looking pro v 1 yesterday with a pink number 1 and pink alignment arrows with pink lettering inside the arrows. Is it a Ladies Ball or just one that was custom colored at someones request?

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  1. Ryan R

    Titleist does a Pink series of stuff around breast Cancer Awareness Month. They even did some really cool headcovers and hats. Its a regular ProV1.
  2. Andrew A

    It's s special limited run they put out in May of each year for breast Cancer. I've been playing them for a while and like the small differnce in color.
  3. Tyler H

    Just a custom color option that is available.
  4. Dale V

  5. Lance P

    Oh man my wife would dig that ball for sure!
  6. Don O

    An available option in My Titleist for the Pro-V1. It is a standard Pro-V1, just marked differently.
  7. DSmith36

    A while back Titleist offered the pro v 1 with a pink number for breast cancer awareness. The ball is your standard pro v 1. It just comes with a pink playing number instead of the standard black or red number
  8. pulplvr

    It is most likely a regular Titleist Pro V1. Here is where you can find this:
  9. Chuck Z

    Prov1 with pink play number.
    Post Image
    Post Image

    Hey!!! Sounds like you found my ball!!!
    Can I get it back?? Lol

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