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Old Titleist

Walked to front nine at my home course tonight. Found this old beauty. A little yellowed but in pretty good shape.

Golf Balls

Titleist AVX

You total and utter gits!! Been getting fitted at Titleist Fitting Centres (kings acre and now craigielaw) for years and Mr...

Golf Balls

Which ball should I use?

Hey guys I was I wondering if anyway had any suggestions on which ball I should be using. Currently I use the velocity mostly...

Golf Balls

AVX vs Pro V1X

I usually play the Pro V1x, but I bought a box of AVXs. First time I played it, I could not tell any difference, but I...

Golf Balls

ladies pro v1

I found a new looking pro v 1 yesterday with a pink number 1 and pink alignment arrows with pink lettering inside the arrows....

Golf Balls

Test balls

Around 6 months or so ago I received a sleeve of 3 test balls with accompanying letter. I was advised I would receives an...

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