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Golf Balls


I have been playing titleist balls for years. I just purchased a sleeve the the new AVX balls from my course's golf...

Golf Balls

Test golf balls

I finally got to use the test sleeve of balls I received in November. Its been a long hard winter and spring in upstate NY....

Golf Balls


Up until now my main interaction with golf balls was simply trying to hit one. Now I'm starting to be able to feel the...

Golf Balls

Titleist Avx

I was just wondering if any of the tour players were gaming the new AVX balls and if so who?

Golf Balls

New to TT. AVX vs. Pro V1

Hello everyone, I just joined Team Titleist. I have been playing golf for three years now. I currently am only carrying...

Golf Balls


Why didn't titleist let me test this ball. I play prov1 wanted to try this model. The ball is awsome. Distance seemed the...

Golf Balls

Color for ProV1/ViX

Had an interesting discussion with my ophthalmologist today about colors and visibility. Basics of it were that white is not...

Golf Balls

Pro V1 vs Tour Soft

Hi TT. Is there anyone out there that has had a hit with the new Tour Soft balls? How do they compare to Pro V1? Cheers

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