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Golf Clubs

718 ap1

I couldn't be happier with my new 718 ap1 irons. I am planning to hit the hybrids and maybe add to my new set. Any...

Golf Clubs

718 T-mb vs 716 T-mb

Anyone have any input on the main difference of these two are? I recently just picked up a 4 716 t-mb that was relatively...

Golf Clubs

AP2 712 to CB 716

seeing a lot of deals for CB716, thinking of making the switch...your thoughts...thanks

Golf Clubs

718 AP2 first round

After a Titleist Thursdays fitting a month ago at Windmill Lakes in Ravenna, OH (nice job Justin Long), I had very similar...

Golf Clubs

TMB 4 iron

I would like to put a hybrid shaft in my TMB 4 iron. Is it possible? What is the hosel diameter? What would be a good shaft...

Golf Clubs

718 AP2 w/ Project X LZ

Would love to hear any comparison from those that hit the new AP2's w/ PXi vs. LZ's. I currently play the PXi 5.5 in...

Golf Clubs

hybrid adjustability

I'm leaning towards getting the h2 hybrid to gap between my 3 wood (260 yds) and 4 iron (220 yds) . I cant seem to find...

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