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Ordering Custom Club

Good Afternoon - I am wanting to order a custom 818 H1 Hybrid. Is it possible to order it directly from Titleist? The hybrid would have custom specs...

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New Irons in the Bag!

New Irons in the Bag! 718 AP3, 4, KBS Tour, X-stiff, standard length and lie, 1* weak, grip MCC +4 grey standard size, D4...

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I have a set of T-MBs I bought new and have played them is season. The black/bronze coating on the bottom is very scratched...

Golf Clubs

15* vs 16.5*

Hello all, I have been playing the 16.5* 915F with a S+ 70 Reg Flex. I am looking to upgrade to the 917 F2. Is the 15*...

Golf Clubs

962 irons

Hi, I'm new here. I've been using the 962 irons for almost 20 years and want to know which of the latest few...

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