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Hi,would like to ask help. Im right now using a dci 962 irons,im planning to change to 714 ap2, will there be a big difference between 962 and 714?...

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Driver Shafts

Hi All, Was wondering if someone would clear up some shaft concerns I have. When buying a shaft what does the spin and...

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Driving iron shafts

Hey Team Titleist, I recently switched from a 3 hybrid to a T-MB 3 iron, and I want to replace the steel shaft on the T-MB...

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Mixed set

I'm looking for new irons and leaning heavily toward AP2. I'm also a long iron over hybrid player though so I am...

Golf Clubs

Titleist DTRs

I played with these clubs for about 25 years (late 80's to early 2010's). Does anyone know if Titleist has a...

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Has anyone used an 818H1 with the Project X Evenflow shaft and if so, what are your evaluations?

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