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F17 fairways

jim g

Do the F17 fairways woods, each, come with an adjustment wrench? or do I need to buy one on my own?

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  1. David A

    They come with the 917 driver, not the fairways.
  2. david s

    I received the wrench and extra swing bias weight with my 917 Fairway 3 wood
  3. Chuck Z

    Jim I looked at your profile and saw that you have a 913 driver and am assuming that you have wrench for it. It will work on your 917 fairway. I still have my wrench from my 910 and it works on all my Ds, Fs, Hs, from then to now. Love it because it has a nice case.
  4. BTatlock

    I didn't get one with my fairway wood but my driver came with one

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