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Ap3 and wedge set up

Marc W

Just curious with the P being 43 what wedge set ups are people using?

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  1. Ryan G

    I just got mine in and went with the the 48 degree AP3 Gap Wedge which is very good. I also added a 54 & 60 degree vokey SM6 to keep the 5/6 degree gaps

    My plan when I get them is to go with:
    Driver (9.5 degree), 3 wood (15 degree), hybrids (19 and 23 degree), AP3 irons (6-P), and vokey wedges (48, 52, 56, and 60 degree (which I already have))

  3. Joel L

    I am planning to do a split set of 4,5,6 AP3 and 7-PW AP2. I like the feel of the AP2 inside 160 yds and need help with my long iron play. I will then keep my wedge setup the same.
  4. MMorrison

    I went with 48,54 & 58 SM6
  5. Jeff K

    I've just got my C16's which also have a 43* P, but the W is 47* not 48*. I got a new 54* Vokey and already had an old 60* vokey.
  6. Mark A

    Ordered my AP3 4-pw set and I'm facing the same issue. I have a 52 and 58 degree wedge, but will likely change once the SM7's are released to 48, 54 and 58. Or I'll weaken the AP3 PW and play 52, 56, 60.
  7. Rob E

    I just ordered 4-Gap AP3 and Vokey 54 S and 60 M.
  8. Jeffery M

    AP1 716’s 4-9, Vokey SM6 46-50-54-58 works for me.
  9. Christopher T

    I am going with the Vokey 48, 52, and 56 set up. Served me well in my AP1 days, will get it done now I am swinging the AP3.
  10. MG_TX

    I went with the set wedge and bent it to 46* so it would gap perfectly into my current 50/54/58 Vokey set up.
  11. Paul C

    I've just ordered AP3 5 to 48* gap wedge then added 52 and 56 Vokey.
    Will see how i get on and then think about the 60 vokey later if I feel a need for it (Probably will go for it though)
  12. Dan S

    Already had 50, 54, 58 SM6s. Didnt buy the stock GW(48), bought a 48 SM6, and bent 54 to 53, ....... Playing :AP3 4-(PW which is 43), 48, 53, 58.... 5 degree gaps.

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