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Advice for clubs after shattering elbow & recovery time

Jeremy L

If any of you read my post from back in November I had recently got fitted for Titleist clubs and now have Titleist throughout my entire bag and received my Team Titleist bag TAG. Well, I am a coach and 3 weeks ago I was hanging senior banners in the gym and fell from the ladder and shattered my left elbow and I am a left handed golfer too. I have a plate, 7 screws, and a artificial ball joint in my radius. So, I have a two part question. 1) Have any of you had the same thing or something similar happen and what was your recovery time? My doctor tells me will be at least 3 or 4 months but was wanting to hear from someone whose actually experienced it. 2) From what I have read, I will probably have to switch to graphite. The good thing is, I bought my AP1 716, 4-W, XP90 Stiff, through Edwin Watts. They have the 90 day return so I am going to return my irons and vokey wedges and will have store credit, Full price, towards my new set of irons. I will be getting refit after I am cleared to play again. I am sticking with Titleist and will be getting the 718 AP1s. So, have any of you had to switch to graphite after a injury and what are some good graphite shafts offered by Titleist? Thanks

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  1. Dale V

    Jeremy, so sorry to hear about your injury. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Hopefully the fact that your leading arm will pull through the shot you will not have too much pain. That said, graphite might help. I switch due to arthritis in my hands and wrists and it helps. I currently an playing 718 T-MB's with Tensei Pro Red AMC graphite, the same shaft offered in 718 AP1's.
  2. greg p

    No help with answers to your questions, but I do want to offer best wishes for a quick and complete recovery.
  3. Don O

    I'm only missing the bursa sack in my left elbow as a LH golfer. All the functional pieces are still there and I only get some stiffness. The rotational/bending was not really affected. From an ankle injury (snapped fibia) my best advice is to find a sports medicine PT or a really good OT to work on maximizing your flexibility. Work as hard as they recommend but listen to them and your body. I dismissed a PT once when the comment was made when I was 44 "is that reasonable at your age?". Since I didn't listen to medical advice about the ankle recovery (different PT), I've got lingering issues.
    Fortunately, your right arm is more prominent in your swing. The Tensi is a good recommendation, but there are several others that may work as well, there are 3 other graphites in the 65 g range.
  4. Rooster

    What a bit of misfortune. Hope your recovery goes well. The good thing is Titleist has a lot of custom shaft options. I am sure they will find the right fit for you.
  5. james f

    I had a similar injury,shattered right elbow and completely tore triceps muscle off the elbow.Could not golf for 8 months and was off work for 14 months.Good luck with your rehab.
  6. Dwayne N

    Hope recovery goes well. I just got a set of 716 AP1's with graphite my normal gamers are 716 AP1 KBS steel so yeah two sets. I will say that while the jury is still out so far the graphite do seem easier on the joints.
  7. AWells

    I too am a left-handed golfer, and though haven't suffered any injuries such as yourself, my best advice to you would be to do the rehab and not rush back, as you won't forget how to golf, but be very careful about when the club, specifically the irons take a divot or even worse hit it fat, and the vibrations travelling up the shaft and straight up the left arm, would be my biggest concern. Not sure if graphite would lessen that or not.
  8. Darron K

    If you're going the graphite route I would get fit when possible for graphite shafts. I switched from steel to graphite a couple of years ago because I wanted more feel and head weight. My friend that's a Titleist fitter put numerous shafts in the head and had me try them, telling me to not look at the shaft for name etc. I ended up with Recoil 95 F4 stiff. I tell you it looks like steel but feels way better! Good luck on your recovery and shaft journey!
  9. Jeremy L

    thanks so far to all who have commented and gave their best wishes. My goal is to be back playing by May because supposed to go on a guys golfing trip. Hopefully, I will be able to start PT soon..... Also, the PT is a good friend and he said we will have to work on the rehab and the time frame will be determined a lot by how hard I work!!!!

    Having had 8 knee surgery’s, including 2 partials and now 2 full knee replacements, give the bones and screws time to heal while doing the rehab faithfully!
    Upon starting to swing the club agin realize that the arm( elbow) will move differently but your body will compensate for this. With the eyes of a good PGA instructor you should be able to create “ your own swing” and be back to good golf.
    Good Luck!
  11. Carl T

    Two years ago I had arthroscopic surgery on my right shoulder for a bone spur, partial tear of my labrum and trimming my bicep tendon. I started back with putting after 3 months, chipping at 4 months and playing at 5 months. Do not be in a hurry to start playing until you are 100 % rehabilitated. Do your physical therapy which is very important. If you start back to soon your body is going to compensate for moves you cannot make and you will develop some bad swing issues that will take even longer to correct. When I felt I could make a normal swing I went for a fitting with a professional fitter that charged a reasonable fee for his time and would not apply for a discount if I bought clubs from him. The fitter carried all of the major brands. I am a senior golfer and with age and my surgery I went from a stiff steel flex to a A or senior graphite shaft in my irons. I not only gained about a half club in distance but also tightened up my ball dispersion. As far as wedges go I still opt for steel shafts but in a regular flex vs a stiff flex. Hope this info helps.
  12. B.A.

    Sorry to hear that news and best of luck in your recovery!!!

    Fortunately, golf is a leading arm sport. You really should start grooving swings with your leading arm only as soon as you are able to. This has to be one of the best drills for myself and I find I can swing pretty darn well this way as a very common problem is my dominant arm getting in the way of the swing.

    As horrible as this was to happen, I hope in the long run, this works out well for your golf game!
  13. Dr. Kovatchian

    Jeremy speedy recovery!
    I'm currently 6 months into a recovery from a broken tibia on my leading leg.
    I can play golf at a fairly decent level but at any given moment my leg can fatigue and all goes crazy. My best advice is to follow your Doctors and Therapists plan.
    I managed to chip and putt during my ordeal which helped with my sanity and kept my game in tune. Speedy Recovery!!!!

    Dr. K
  14. Jeremy L

    Thanks. I’ve been putting a little on my birdie ball putting green. Been having to use the claw grip. May find me a new putting grip during all this, lol.

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