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Titleist DTR irons


Can anyone tell me the timeline and which version was 1st to last? The Grey backed ones with white DTR on have colour dots, what do these represent? I love the clubs, just want to get purchase right. Hope someone can help Best J

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  1. B.A.

    Find it here:

    This was my very first set of Titleists and I loved those clubs.

    I still have them and will hit them every once in a while!

  2. Joseph M

    There appears to be only two versions between 1987 and 1993- the first version had the iron # on the back towards the lower toe with a dot beside it and the second version had the degrees on the back towards the lower toe and a dot on the back upper toe. On this latter model I believe color of the dot was to indicate the lie- black probably for standard lie and white and blue for upright and flat- purely a guess on my part- I did see three colors on the internet.
  3. Joseph M

    In addition to black, white and blue dots I see a set for sale with red dots- stated to be 2 degrees flat.

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