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Why have most retailers dropped the price of 917 woods?


Does anyone know why most retailers have dropped the price of 917 woods? Drivers are now $399. Personally, I absolutely love my 917 drivers and fairways so much that I have bought 2 of each of them this year. Yes I have a problem LOL (1 d3, 1 d2, and 2 f2’s)! I just recently purchased a d2 driver and f2 fairway at the previous pricing : (. Usually price drops do not come until fall when the new line of woods come out. Is there a break in the usual 2 year cycle and something new on the horizon?

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  1. Barry B

    The next new series of woods (919 I suppose) usually start showing up for "tour validation" in the July/Aug timeframe. Given that the 718 irons were available before the previous usual of November, maybe the new woods will also be introduced a little earlier. We'll all need to wait and see.
  2. Chris92009

    Not sure exactly however I think there is an issue with sales lately. There is obviously a lot of made up marketing from competitors on their products that is not necessarily accurate that may be infringing on sales overall. I have also heard that possibly the new 919 woods will have a "name" possibly associated with them to combat marketing in the industry. The 917 is the best driver Titleist has ever made IMHO....I would aggressively purchase at any lower price if you do not already have one.
  3. Speedy

    This sounds about right... Keep in mind Titleist has a 2 year cycle with their products so if the trend continues it would be the 919 line... I haven't seen or heard anything so it remains to be seen.

    In the past they usually introduce the new woods during the Quicken Loans National so we may have to wait until then...
  4. JJITXGolfer

    Thanks for the replies. Even though I am thrilled with my 917 woods, I am excited to see what will come next.
  5. Jonathan K

    Chris92009, I couldn’t agree more! 917 is the best driver Titleist has ever produced. It’s going to take something very special from Titleist for me switch, I’m hardcore Titleist so, must admit, I don’t even try other driver brands.
  6. Jonathan K

    This is the best driver TItleist has ever produced, however; when I went for my fitting, the first swing I hated it, a different shaft...better but still not great, hosel adjustment...a little better, CG adjustment......WOW, the best driver I’ve ever owned. Months later I still feel the same way. My point is, the first time I hit it, I didn’t like it at all. Unfortunately a lot of golfers still don’t get fit, therefore; they may hate this driver. This driver is meant for golfers that get custom fit. Based on the adjustability of this driver, I think it would be incredibly lucky to buy this driver off the rack and be successful.
  7. David T

    I'd expect the discounts are to drive increased sales. The hype companies appear to be getting their message across.
  8. Edward K

    The problem always stems from market share, and what's on the HOT list. I'm a long time Titleist mark, full bag for 20 years. Half my buddies (all scratch golfers) play Titleist irons, most play Vokey wedges, most play a Cameron putter, only one hits the Titleist woods. You have to price to move any product these days.
  9. Kenneth C

    Depending on how long ago you purchased your 917's, you might check the pricing policy of who you purchased them from. Golf Galaxy has a 30 price match guarantee. Your retailer might have one, too.
  10. Sam R

    It could just be retailers looking to shift stock in readiness for all the new drivers coming from cally, TM and Cobra among others. Hopefully people will test the 917 against these new launches and see the real value for money lies with Titleist!
  11. J.R. F

    My pro told me last fall that the prices would be dropping earlier than usual this year.
  12. Chuck Z

    Why ask, buy one when opportunity like this knocks. Be sure and properly fitted first. Never purchase one directly off the rack.
  13. Jim K

    Not quite at my price point yet, but I like the direction. Had a chance to hit a bucket with a selection of 917 woods a few months back and i turned my head. Just waiting for the right deal to pull the trigger.
  14. The Dom

    Just typical pricing for the anticipated 919 metal woods release in Nov probably. I used to live in San Diego and got to talk to one of the testers. I haven't heard anything about the 919s yet, so I am curious to see what they came up with. I wasn't a big fan of the 917s and stuck with my 915 D2 driver. Really hope its something that I like and will game! Just love being a TT member!
  15. Mark N

    Love the lower price. Really has me thinking now. I currently have a 915d3 was thinking of getting a 917. With taylor made twist face coming out I'm thinking I should wait to see what Titleist has in store for 919s. Been loyal to my Titleist drivers over the years. Loved everyone I've used.
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