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Favorite Titleist Muscle Back Iron

Rick V., Team Titleist Staff Team Titleist Staff

Hey, everyone.

It's time for another quick poll and this week we're talking Titleist MB irons.

There's just something about muscle backs. In my opinion, there's no prettier club than a Titleist forged, muscle back, 7 or 8-iron and no sweeter feel when you strike one solid.  My favorite model is still my old set of 690s that I played in the early 2000's. Even the bag chatter sounded pure when I walked the fairways with those irons.

How about all you other blade players out there in the community? Was there one particular Titleist MB model that said "players iron" to you? Vote for your favorite and share your reasons in the Comments section below.



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  1. Speedy

    I could never hit these but basing on looks the 690...
  2. Steve S

    Same here Speedy! I wish my game was good enough to use these club's. But I love my AP1s!!
    Play Well,
    Steve S
  3. Rich T

    I am with you, Rick. The 690.MB is about as beautiful as it gets!!
  4. Hotsauce

    Love the look of the MB, and I have to say the 710s are as sexy as ever
  5. Tim Tiger

    I still have my set Rick. 690's were the sweetest feeling irons ever. They were my first set of custom built and fitted clubs. 3-PW

    Before that I had Titleist Tour Model blades 1-SW. The knife was unforgiving.

  6. J.R. F

    Back when I bought my 690 CBs, I seriously considered the MB instead. I think the 690s were one of the best looking clubs period.
  7. Dale V

    I had some MB's back in the 1980's when i could barely break 100. Loved the occasional good strike but the DCI was much better for me. Just went to the 718 T-MB and i get the best of both worlds. Enjoying these T-MB's.
  8. Jim S

    690! all the way. Best ever made.
  9. drtaylorwright

    This is an easy one for me, whatever the latest model is because I always have to buy whatever is the newest blade from Titleist... and I hate that I'm that way, but secretly love it as well
  10. 19hole

    Of those 4 I would say the 690, I have played them all and that was the best. However, the 718 MB is even better!
  11. Scott D

    For me it is the 710's sweet looking
  12. Drew D

    Great topic! Not trying to shift the discussion away from Titleist MB irons, but I think my experience could be helpful to others who are trying to transition away from blades. Although not on Rick’s list, I gamed the 695 MB’s for ten years. These were a great set that allowed for numerous sub-par rounds in competitive play. To the point, I recently got fitted for the 718 AP2’s and they shattered expectations. The thinner top line looks great at address on these, and that “sweet feel” Rick mentioned can still be achieved. However, look and feel are very singular to the player. No argument here that Titleist MB’s are without a doubt some of the best looking clubs out there. For me though, I hit the AP2 irons consistently better without sacrificing a similar blade look at address in the mid to high irons. The issue I was worried about moving away from blades was losing that workability. I have yet to find a shot that I cannot hit with my AP2’s than what I could with the 695 MB’s. I hope my opinion helps some individuals to get out there and sample the array of great clubs offered by Titleist. Also, get is pointless not to.
  13. FJL

    FYI - There are two 690's...

    690 MB
    690.MB (Dot). Longer from toe to heel compared to a the shorter 690 MB

    I've had my 690.MB's since 2004 or 2005 and have played with them ever since and they are the sweetest feeling iron IMHO. I sometimes let a good player try them and they turn around after their tee shot and always have something great to say about them.
  14. Dwayne N

    690 is the bomb
  15. Kathy J

    690 MB!
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