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Favorite Titleist Muscle Back Iron

Rick V., Team Titleist Staff Team Titleist Staff

Hey, everyone.

It's time for another quick poll and this week we're talking Titleist MB irons.

There's just something about muscle backs. In my opinion, there's no prettier club than a Titleist forged, muscle back, 7 or 8-iron and no sweeter feel when you strike one solid.  My favorite model is still my old set of 690s that I played in the early 2000's. Even the bag chatter sounded pure when I walked the fairways with those irons.

How about all you other blade players out there in the community? Was there one particular Titleist MB model that said "players iron" to you? Vote for your favorite and share your reasons in the Comments section below.



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  1. Robert K

    Still have my Tour Models from '91. I play them when I'm feeling particularly frisky. Still love my AP2s, but nothing feels like a blade when properly struck.
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  2. JAM

    All Titleist blades are beautiful. I'm going with the 710 MB's. I played them for six years before replacing them with the 716 MB's. Every two years I have to discipline my self when the new model comes out.
  3. Jacob S

    690, Pure!!
  4. Craig W

    690s for sure. I still game the 690.cb irons. I think it would be amazing if Titleist did retro models, like what the Jordan brand does. I’d buy a lifetime supply of 690.’s!!!
  5. Tom B

    WOW! Other than my 712U MB 2 and 3 irons, I haven't played any muscle backs since and old set of Wilson Staff FG 17's I had a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. BUT, my next set will be a combo set of MB's, CB's and AP2's. Like you said nothing looks or feels better when your up in the 7, 8 irons and above.
  6. Ralph C

    I love the looks of the 710, it's such a pure design. It looks like a work of art. Whoever says engineering isn't beautiful needs to look seriously at 710, I guarantee they'll change their minds!
    Not an MB player, but my aspiration is to acquire a set in a year or two. I'd like to be able to, or learn to be able to shape the ball better, and only a muscle back can deliver the complete range of options.
    With that said, I grabbed an old Accu-Flo four iron and a couple well worn V1s, and hit a few at the local park, mud and all, this afternoon. It'll be a while before the courses open here in Maine, I just can't wait! I'll tell you, for a 35 year old design, I was impressed how well it performed. Granted, I'm used to playing a cavity back with regular flex graphite shafts, so the stiff flex steel was a bit of a shock to the system, but, wow, Titleist clubs sure can stand the test of time!
    Definitely doing a loaner set of new MBs this Summer for a round or two, I can't wait. Constant improvement seems to be in the Titleist DNA, hopefully it'll rub off ;)
    Thanks for the post.
  7. John p

    I'll be the outcast, I got my hands on the 670's last summer. They are the prettiest things in the bedroom with the exception of my wife.
  8. vurich

    To show you how sick I am about MB's, I bought a set and they are still in the bubble wrap. They are glorious. I remember talking to Cathi before I bought the set a couple years ago after I purchased two sets of AP2s and T-MB's. I said, "I just have to have them!" Anyway, I'll break them in soon! Thanks for the post! #TeamTitleist!
  9. aaron c

    I think my favorite iron ever has been the 690.mb. I played these till they were beat. I wouldn’t mind finding another set.
  10. Marc S

    710 for me! Just like the classic look :)
  11. Russell Y

    I loved my 690.MB's before I moved to the dark side with miz and then back into the light with the 716CB's. I keep them as my second set, including my 905S driver, steel shafted 980F Strong 3 wood and Scotty Luguna for the occasional 18 holes in the summer as a change. There is nothing that feels like striking a blade from the sweet spot, especially the 2 iron.
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  12. JCaldwell

    I changed to the 716CB in mid 2016 from a MB. Having serious thoughts of adding 6-PW in muscle backs after hitting some a few weeks ago. Good friend of mine (and better player, I'm a 4 HCP btw) went to a CB/MB set. He's getting much better ball speed and flight out of the MB's compared to the CB's with the same shaft.
  13. Chuck Z

    Wish I had the game for these beauties. Aesthetically, I like the 710s.
  14. Dr O

    Still have my 690s. Have considered sending them in to refinish. Such a classic looking club and no better feeling when you are swinging well
  15. David C

    712MB is by far my fav. That sexy satin look and buttery soft feel. I still have mine I just can’t hit them consistent anymore

    Good question,
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