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My Day at Carlsbad HQ and TPI


First off, I want to say thanks to Eric, Doug, Jason, Brice, Josh, and Austin for allowing me to come out and do a tour.

Let me start at the beginning - I was lucky enough last summer to do a ball plant tour and was amazed by the level of detail and rigor that stands behind the making of the golf ball. I was invited to go do a tour of the club assembly plant and I found out that the industry-leading standards of attention to detail are a company-wide thing and not specific to the golf balls.

The first stop I visited during the tour showed how all the clubs are checked and tested to ensure what gets shipped in from China meets Titleist’s strict QA standards. From the mountain of golf shafts and heads I saw, be assured that when you order a club through Titleist, you’re in good hands. One thing that really amazed me was how the iron heads are labelled to ensure all heads have the same weight. I know in the past when I have purchased something from another OEM, some clubs felt different, but when you purchase from Titleist, you won’t ever have that problem. Also I was taken back by the amount of testing they do to ensure the integrity of the paint of the heads. This is to ensure us when us hackers sky one, that hopefully our paint doesn’t come off or crack and spread to the other parts of the club.

The second part of my tour was to see how all the Titleist clubs are assembled here in the USA. Just like how everyone has a role to play with the golf ball quality that I’ve written about in the past, the club assembly mimics that strict attention to detail. From custom clubs to stock clubs, each person has a job to do and each little piece doesn’t go unnoticed. How quickly they can turn around clubs with little or no error is unreal and should give you confidence that what you ordered will be correct.

The last part of my tour of the Titleist Performance Institute. This hidden gem tucked behind houses and corporate buildings left me star-struck. From the putting green to the TPI exercise room where I remember watching Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Phillips on the Golf Channel, it almost felt like a dream. All parts of this facility were built with “performance and excellence in mind,” which means training Titleist staffers to fit their exact specs. What was really eye-opening was the short game area which had different types of grasses and different bunker depths to ensure what every Vokey wedge you got was fit for the grass type where you live. Another cool item was the surf boards that were signed buy all the pros that have visited TPI: Adam Scott, Billy Horschel, and Justin Thomas to name a few. I am surely going to get fit for my new clubs at TPI when I move to San Diego as I want those same specifications for in my game!

My whole journey from Fairhaven, Massachusetts, to Carlsbad, California, has shown me the rigorous QA and attention to detail from Titleist that shows they care about what you play, both balls and clubs, no matter if shoot 60 or 90. Whether you purchase a dozen Pro Vs or 718 Ap2s, rest assured every little detail is carefully considered and what you purchase will be up to the same standards as those for the guys who play on the PGA Tour.

One last thing—while I didn’t get to see any of the 919 line, the amount of enthusiasm and energy behind it really peaked my interest. For someone who thinks the 917 fairway woods are hands-down the #1 performing fairway wood in golf, I am excited for the possibility of that new performance in a driver. Can it be fall 2018 yet so I can get my hands on them?

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  1. Joshua B

    that's looks like an amazing time, thanks for the pics and elegant detailed experience.
  2. Dale V

    Thanks for sharing.
  3. vurich

    What an inspirational and educational and passionate article.
    Thanks so very much.
    There is always something to learn and strive for with this company.
    The best brand in the world.
    Thanks again!
  4. Speedy

    Thanks for sharing! Sounds like a great time. Hope to make it out there someday.
  5. Don O

    Wasn't it magic to be there? Watching them assemble all orders one order at a time was amazing. They really have the niche nailed between shipping a couple of standard options to stores to promote retail sales and getting fully customized clubs for over a couple of grand just for irons. Having seen that, and my own experiences, I really try to promote take the time to get fit. And no one does it better or less expensive than Titleist. No one's "hot item for this year" is better off the rack than what I can get fit with Titleist.
  6. Rob_Roth1

    i can't stress enough get excited for the 919 driver as the team i spoke to is!!! I told them I am open for any early product testing they need LOL
  7. Matthew A

    Sounds like a great experience.. TPI/Fitting Center is on my bucket list for sure.
  8. John M

    Wow! I am so impressed for two reasons. First, that you've been able to experience both the ball plant tour and a tour at Carlsbad. Second, and even more impressive, your wrote the best essay I've ever read in TT. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and impressions!
  9. Rob_Roth1

    Thanks it was a great time. I wanted to describe my time so you can all feel like you were there with me.
  10. Rick V., Team Titleist Staff

    Great story, Rob! Thanks for shining some light on the amazing work that our friends do on the Golf Clubs side.
  11. Brice Waddell

    Thanks for coming to visit Rob! Let us know once you get settled in California so we can get out for some "product testing."
  12. MLB12

    Thanks for sharing sounds like the tour was a blast..
  13. John M

    Great report! I’m already pumped for the 919 line. I can’t wait until we get a sneak peak as the pros start putting them in play this summer.
  14. dennis n

    a very cool thing to do with very cool people, guests and hosts alike. I'm lucky enough to have been there and can only say best days ever.
  15. gary w l

    I had a fitting at TPI in October. What a great experience with Glen and the staff their. Customer service like I have never seem, and I just won the club opener with my new AP3's. You need to get fitted it you haven't, you are leaving extra strokes all around your track.
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