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Acushnet Bulls Eye John Reuter Jr Putter

Roger K

Going through grandpa’s clubs today, which he gave me back in the 80s, I rediscovered this Acushnet Bulls Eye putter, stamped with “John Reuter Jr, Made in the U.S.A.”.

Any idea where I can learn more about the putter?

Thanks, Roger

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  1. David A

    Great find!
  2. Travis W

    Great putter. I used a Bullseye in high school and college (1985-1995). I can't seem to find it, but every couple of years I go digging through the garage thinking it must be here somewhere.
  3. Joseph M

    If you google "Bullseye Putter History" you will get good information on this putter introduced in the mid 1940's and acquired by Acushnet (Titleist) in 1962.
    Here is some model information:

    STD - Standard
    OS - Old Standard
    O-Set - Offset
    OR - Original
    LB - Light Blade
    HB - Heavy Blade
    LAF - LaFemme
    JR - Junior
    FL - Flange
    LHFL - Left Handed Flange
    LFL - Heel Shafted Flange
    WFL - Wide Flange
    WFL-O - Wide Flange Offset
    HSF - Heel Shafted Flange
    HSF-II - Heel Shafted Flange II
    ML - Mallet
    MLO - Mallet Offset
    MLI - Mallet I


    4 - 34"
    5 - 35"
    6 - 36"
    "LaFemme" - 34"


    M - Medium
    U - Upright
    F - Flat


    P - Paddle
    S - Standard
    C - Cord
    #4 curryj
    Here is a listing of the original designs.
    Original: Medium weight, rounded toe, flat top. For right or left handers.
    Old Standard: Medium weight with square toe and top blade. Sight line
    Standard: Medium weight with rounded toe and top.
    Light Blade: Like Old Standard but lighter, narrower.
    Heavy Blade: Like Old Standard but with heavier, wider blade.
    Bulls Eye Junior: Standard blade. 30" shaft. Scaled-down grip dimensions.
    Heel Shafted Flange: Medium-heavy weight. Offset hosel. Sweet spot slot for improved feel and alignment.
    Heel Shaft Flange II: Like the Heel Shafted Flange but without the Offset.
    Wide Flange: Heavy, wide flange for low concentration of weight. Sweet spot slot. Idea. for large or slower greens.
    Wide Flange Offset: Same as Wide Flange but offset.
    Flange: Medium weight, slightly offset. Single sweet spot sight line.
    LaFemme: Light weight for the woman golfer. Rounded toe, top and flange.
    Left Handed Flange: Like the Flange but for the one out of every dozen golfers who plays left-handed.
  4. Michael JC

  5. Frank P

    Bulls Eye putters with the John Reuter stamping are the most valuable of all the Bulls Eye putters. Hang on to it. I have a Bulls Eye that I bought in the late 80's and they no longer carried the John Reuter stamping. The John Reuter Bulls Eye is from the original run.
  6. Roger K

    Thanks for all the info and data. Glad to know grandpa had a good eye for putters.

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