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New TS2 TS3 drivers, initial thoughts?

Rob Finlayson

Just seen the email blast about the new TS2 and TS3 drivers? Just keen to know everyone's initial impression of them?

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  1. larry m

    Would love to see a test model come in the mail.
  2. Dave B

    They look nice in the pic! Sleek, solid and simple.
  3. Ryan R

    I have'nt been this excited about a driver launch since the 909 release!! I will be bagging a whole set of these Metals as soon as possible!!

    They definitely have a good look, I like the black color. Can't wait to try them out, I definitely need to upgrade the driver sometime, this might be the year.


    Also see this story on golf digest, interesting read.

  6. Andrew A

    Classic clean look. I'm excited to hear more about them, including what the TS stands for. Totally Styling?
  7. Zack B

    I’ve always been a TM driver guy but this iteration of Titleists drivers has me feeling I might make a switch this year. Initial thoughts? Very sleek and liking the change in the name!
  8. Dino J

    They look pretty good in the photo. I also notice that there appears to be divergent technology being used in these drivers -- the TS3 seems to have the rear mounted weighting system similar to the 917 Drivers while the TS2 appears to have the older, rear mounted weighting system similar to the 915 Drivers.

    This is the year that I am looking to swap out my driver for a newer one so I am watching these with some anticipation and eagerness!
  9. Chad B

    Saw photos on GolfWRX this morning, they look impressive!
  10. Kenneth C

    It looks to be 2 options, more customizable vs more forgiving. The TS2 looks be more forgiving, and, less complex to make, I hope it gets a more consumer friendly price.
  11. Don O

    The TS2 and TS3 no longer use the same weight system to each other. That's different from all the previous 910+ releases. I wonder how that will work out depending on how much draw/fade one might need. Of course, until we know more about size (460 vs. 440) and launching, we won't know who the intended audience is for either version.
  12. Chris C

    Hope to get a chance to test it soon!!
  13. TIM D

    Can't wait to try them, love to see the all Black Head again, Nice !
  14. Dwayne N

    great looking club
  15. Rob Finlayson

    They definitely look slick, less traditional on the sole but classic Titleist on the crown, also interested that the active recoil channel has been removed, can't wait to see the big pros #sendit
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