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910 weight kit color codes?

Bob C

What are the color codes for the weights in the 910 drivers?

White = 2 g

Red = 7g

Black = 12g

Green = ?

Blue = ?


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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    The green is 5 and the blue is 9 gr

  2. stephen p

    Remember to add the weight of your watch, glove or anything else. All these items change the swing weight of your club.



  3. Bob C


    Thanks that is what I needed to know.


    I will not be changing the weight of my glove or watch only the clubhead....therefore these things are not relevant to determine swingweight changes.



  4. CW

    What is standard or stock (red)? How to change if you already have a 910 driver or try a different weight? Are they in the fitting cart?

  5. Matthew S

    Anyone been able to get their hands on one of these kits yet? The shop in Florida I go to has been waiting for their shipment for over a month now and here in Canada they aren't for sale yet. 

  6. Manolito J

    You have to order them at your local golf shop. I ordered a weight kit in November and just got an email saying it is going to ship in February. Hope this helps.

  7. CW

    Estimated cost of kit?

  8. Bob C

    search:  Titleist 910 weight kit


  9. stephen p

    Titleist 910 Weight Kit Color Codes:

    White = 2g
    Green = 5g
    Red = 7g
    Blue = 9g
    Black = 12g

    titleist 910 Precision Weight Kit

    Item# TI-4720700


  10. Manolito J

     When I order it from Golfsmith it was $24.99.

  11. Leif H

    Is there anywhere to get hold of these weight kits nowadays?

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