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Golf Clubs

AP1 53 or Vokey 52

I got a set of 718 AP1s and really like them. The gap wedge has become my go-to club for chipping. I have a gap in distances...

Golf Clubs

718 AP2

I’ve had the 718’s for about five months now. I was cleaning them tonight and noticed a wrinkle on the toe of my 7 iron. Is...

Golf Clubs

Slick Grips

I play the MCC4 Standard Golf Pride grips. I noticed the upper cord part feels slick after about 18 months of playing yet the...

Golf Clubs


Can anyone tell me what the bounce is on the 6,7,8,9,PW, and AW for the 718 AP3 irons??

Golf Clubs

Need to lose a club

in my bag currently: 917D 10.5* 915F 15* 816 H1 19* 816 H1 23* 716 AP1 5-W PW is 43* GW that comes with the iron set...

Golf Clubs

New Irons on the way

Just placed my order for a combo set of irons. 4, 5 TMB and 6-P AP3. Who out there plays with a combo set? With so many...

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