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Golf Clubs

Shaft questions

So I am thinking about buying the AP2 irons and am trying to research the shafts. Does the spin mean how much backspin the...

Golf Clubs


with all the testing at titleist headquarters which iron model all variables being the same. Same shaft same ball same...

Golf Clubs

Online order

Hi, is it possible to place an order online for custom Titleist AP1 irons or need to place an order via Retail Stores??

Golf Clubs

Cant find order

I recently placed a order for a set of new ap3 at dicks . It has been a week already charged my credit card and have not...

Golf Clubs

716 AP2

Hi, wondering if anyone can help, my 716 AP2 have started to have the black paint in the cavity flake off, wondering if...

Golf Clubs

Modus 3 105 tour shafts

I ordered some ap2’s with this shaft about 3 weeks ago. I was told they were back ordered possibly. Has anyone received any...

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