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Golf Clubs

Newest Additions

Picked up some updated clubs recently. Replaced my 913h 21* and my 910h 24* with a 917F 21* and an 818 H1 23*. Better...

Golf Clubs

New set of sticks

So I recently started to play a lot more golf joining a league for work, and am absolutely addicted. I had a set of...

Golf Clubs

718 ap3

I have an opportunity to purchase a brand new set of ap3’s for 650.00. Reason being is the person won them at a tournament...

Golf Clubs

Driver Shaft

Hello, Wondering if anybody has had this experience. I couldn't be more confident hitting my 3 wood and it gives...

Golf Clubs


I was given a D-3 with tool and weights. What I don't understand is what the club head position should look like when...

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