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Golf Clubs

Brand New 681's

First off I'd like to say thanks to all who comprise of this great community. I'm just getting back into the swing...

Golf Clubs


I recently had broke a fairway wood (the shaft part) and I’d like to know any recommendations on what to replace it with.

Golf Clubs

Father’s Day

My wife: “What Titleist related thing do you want THIS year?” Me: “New Titleist TS driver, obviously!” Wife: “What the hell...

Golf Clubs

future release

I am old school so I still hit a 3-iron. But my new AP1's doesn't offer a 3-iron so I am still gaming my 716 AP1...

Golf Clubs

New TS Driver

Just saw the tease pictures of the new TS driver. Oh boy! Does anyone know why the change from numbers to letters in the...

Golf Clubs

New TS driver

Current I am using 915 D4. The reason I am still on this driver was because Titleist did not make one in 917 series. I did...

Golf Clubs

TS Drivers

Man are these new drivers sexy beasts or what cant wait to get my hands on one

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