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AP1 vs AP2 8 irons - explain this oddity

Lou G

For some time I have had an AP1 8 iron with R300 Dynamic gold and standard length. Normal distance is about 140.

Yesterday I picked an AP2 8 iron with Project X 6.0 and 1/2" longer with the intent of possibly reshafting.

From what I read, 6.0 is the equivalent of S400 DG.

I went to the range with the AP2, AP1 and an Apex Plus (with a #4 shaft, which is stiff). I was getting 150 yards total with 140 carry on the AP2. The AP1 was 140 total and 135 carry. The Apex was 135 total and 130 carry.

Understand the shaft length being 1/2" longer could account for more distance but what I find odd is getting better distance with what amounts to a stiff plus shaft vs regular. Doing the math, there should be about 2 points difference in swingweight net (3 points for the shaft and subtract 1 point for the Project X shaft vs DG).

The funny thing is the Project X did not feel stiff at all.

Could somebody possibly soft stepped the Project X?

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  1. Dale V

    Great example of why you need to be fit using a launch monitor. Max distance is speed and angle. For the kick point to work properly the flex must match your speed. Regular flex isn't always longer than stiff if the speed has already kicked the head out too far. Shaft weight is also a factor. Head mass also a factor. If you hit the AP2 dead center every time, the AP1 might improve off center shots but would not necessarily get you more on pure center hits. I'm no expert but i have discovered not to get hung up in the old belief that the softer the shaft, the further the hit.
  2. Edward K

    Welcome to the novelty of club fitting. You're going to see significant differences between a forged and cast head, as well as shaft flex and length. Throw in a different manufacturer, it changes altogether. Ultimately, the way ANY shaft is cut/tipped may affect the flex. Just because it says R300 doesn't mean it's a true R300. Same with the Project X shaft, or any other club, for that matter. Find a Titleist fitter, and get what you NEED based on your performance.
  3. B.A.

    You are likely getting much less spin on the stiff shaft and that is causing it to fly further and roll, along with that 1/2" longer shaft for a bit more swing speed.

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