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Jason H

I love to watch the LPGA, and these girls are good. Why do they not get the same love on national television as the PGA? I would think most amateurs would learn from them, from how far they hit it and how they play golf courses.

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  1. Doug E

    I agree completely! Love to watch the women play. Their games are much closer to our own. I watch them almost as much as I do the men, but unless it's a huge PGA event, or a major, I enjoy watching the women more. I went to one of their majors at Westchester CC a couple years back and got to see them close up. It was fantastic. These Girls are Good! (I just wish there were more playing Titleist clubs.)
  2. Dino J

    Jason, I agree with you. There are more ways to play this sport than just "grip it and rip it" or bombing 300+ yard drives and flipping short irons or wedges into the greens.

    The women on the LPGA play a game that resembles more amateur golfers than the PGA players do. Yet, they do not receive anywhere near the marketing and sponsorship that the men do - despite being the only true global tour in professional golf. One would think that an international company based in progressive Massachusetts would be doing more equipment deals rather than just sponsoring golf balls for the women.
  3. Mike r

    I totaly agree, it seems everytime I turn on Golf Channel (Which is everynight) Either TIn Cup or Euro tour. Dont get me wrong, I want to see golf but would rather see LPGA here in the states over the Euro tour. Just my opinion
  4. Edward K

    The girls are ridiculously good around the greens. All you have to do is attend an event and watch them on the range. Especially the Korean's, as they are generally pretty small in stature, but pound it.....
  5. Gary D

    I agree, the Women's tour is under appreciated. The problem is ratings. Not enough people share your view that the LPGA is worth watching. Low ratings = less TV time. Sponsors pay for TV and they do so based on ratings.
  6. Dr. Kovatchian

    I love the LPGA as well!
    These players are not lacking in talent.
    I would love to see the LPGA and PGA play some combo events where the men play one week then the ladies play the next or vice versa.

    Dr. K
  7. John G

    As with everyone else, I too enjoy watching the women play and think Michael Whan has done a great job as commissioner bringing a lot of new ideas. However, I think that until the American women start playing better and become a bigger factor on the leader board week in and week out, the tour will continue to struggle for exposure. I certainly can't relate to all of the South Korean women who are so dominant right now. The tour needs their own Fowler, Speith, and Johnson.
  8. Lance P

    Going to an LPGA event is a great experience. The crowds are smaller, the tickets are less pricey and easier to purchase, and the talent of the women in person is something to behold. My wife and I have attended The US Women's Open in Pinehurst and the event at Kingsmill in Virginia twice and have enjoyed ourselves quite a bit.
  9. Bob S

    It's an International Tour, get over it. Fans from New Zealand, Australia and Canada are not moaning about too many Korean players. All these players are just flat out good, regardless of which country that are from. A lot of the top Sponsors for the LPGA are not American Corporations. Fun to watch whenever we get a chance.

    That being said, it is unfortunate to see two early season "invitational" events in Asia with only 60 players count as full point CME Globe events. Can't the Tour make these full field events if they are to count for the CME Season long title. Some of the high finishers in Australia did not even get to play in the next two events.
  10. Gabriel G

    I love watching the LPGA Tour. They hit the ball closer to what I hit in distance. And boy can they putt! I get so excited watching all those distance putts going in. They don't seem to be nervous.

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