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Caddie, who would you pick?


If you made it to the big stage, would you pick an experience caddie that's been around for a long time BUT didn't know him/her that well OR would you pick a good friend who has little experience but will learn along the way to get better...

Me, i would pick an experience caddie.. Last thing I need is drama with my friend if something goes down hill... BUT you see some players today picking their friends so it's interesting to see how it'll play out....

Who would go with?

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  1. Dale V

    With my game this is extremely hypothetical. I would hope that my friend would caddy. He has been a PGA teaching pro for 30 years and on and off mini tours. Knows my game and has been my primary instructor over the years. I even got to caddy for him in the Byron Nelson one year. If anyone in Fort Worth is in need of lessons, look up Paul Norris.
  2. Tim Tiger

    I'd pick someone that I trust and am comfortable with. The data available to players is far better than in the past.

  3. Chris92009

    I would pick an experienced caddie since two heads are always better than one especially if the caddie knows what they are doing. IMHO

    If I could get Bones that would be amazing!
  4. Joshua B

    Great question! I'd pick Bones, he knows town to handle us lefties!
  5. Jim C

    I would pick my younger brother, he's been a caddie on the LPGA tour for 8 years now.
  6. Rich T

    I like the idea of having someone on the bag with experience with the course and experience dealing with me.
  7. JAM

    In my case it would be a question of who would want me! An experienced caddie is the only to start your career.
  8. Cory W

    Personally, I would go with someone that I trusted and knew on a personal level. They can always study and learn along the way and you'll already have the personal trust in that person.
  9. Hotsauce

    I would pick Tim Tiger
  10. Chuck Z

    An experienced caddie. I am a good pupil, listener, and always looking to make new friends. Steve Williams, Bones MacKay or Terry McNamara that use to caddie for Annika. Having worked inside the ropes with Terry and Annika, he is a good caddie and I would love to have him on my bag. Steve and Bones well they have worked for a couple of winners themselves.
  11. Steve S

    Another great post Speedy. I would have to pick a good friend. One that I play most of my rounds with and who knows my game. Really pushing it though, my game making the big time, lol!
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  12. Cory W

    I would personally go with someone who I knew before and trusted and just have them study and learn. Opposed to having some more knowledgeable but lack of trust.
  13. Jerry M

    I would pick an experienced caddy. One who knows how to read the greens. Most of us don't play on the type of greens the pros play on, so for me that would be important.
  14. 19hole

    I would pick someone I got along with both on and off the course. I want someone that I can joke with and help me disengage between shots.

  15. Ralph C

    Since this is entirely fictional (as my chances of being on the Tour are about equal to the chances of my going to Mars), I'd take the kid who caddied in the movie "The Greatest Game Ever Played".
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