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Quick Poll: How Cold Is Too Cold?

Rick V., Team Titleist Staff Team Titleist Staff

 Hi, everyone.

It's time for another poll question and this week we're asking for your thoughts on cold weather golf.  Snow cover here in Massachusetts makes it tough, but if there's no snow on the ground, I'll still brave an occasional sub-freezing round. How about you?  Where do you draw the line?  Answer the quick poll below and share your thoughts (and cold-weather tips!) in the comments.


Team Titleist

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  1. B.A.

    While it doesn't get to the temps here in California that it does in MA, we do get some pretty cold mornings here and there. The only bad part about them is that they have "frost delays" to not do damage to the grass and won't let you out until it thaws.

    That sticks sometimes when you plan your day to play and cannot how you planned it. As far as the temp is concerned, that isn't too cold to play. As soon as I start swinging, I warm up quickly!
  2. Edward K

    I won't play if it's below 40, but a few weeks ago skiing in Vermont on the Double Black trails it was 4-6. Cold, but not enough to go home!

    I've played in 30 degrees, we only get a limited time to play here in North Dakota. Gotta make the best of it. Just layer up. The only reason I haven't played in colder is typically the greens might have frost on them and we generally aren't allowed on the coarse.

    I prefer it to be 50 or above though. :)

  4. Mike H

    As long as there is no snow on the ground I will try to play.
  5. Guy O

    I voted no play below 40. That being said...wind is a huge determining factor when temperature falls below 50 for me. If it’s below 50 and the wind is blowing over 10 mph I’m probably not venturing out!
  6. Bill P

    Living in Western Massachusetts, it's all about the sun and the wind. 30's with sun and little/no wind, it doable....40's with no sun and 15-20 mph is a no go....
    Unless it's springtime, and the course has already opened....then you never know...
  7. Dale V

    For me it depends on the course. I take an annual winter trip to Bandon Dunes and play in cold rain where I wouldn't do that at home. I had the opportunity to finally play the Old Course St. Andrews April 2016 and we had ice pellets coming down for 3 holes. Nothing was going to stop me from getting in all 18 at the Old Course. Good rain gear and tempered expectations and you can have a good day in bad weather. I just wouldn't want to do it very often.
  8. Joshua B

    Things needed: Titleist winter hat, footjoy winter gloves, 3 layers minimum...and pray i hit them square so the feeling of my fingers breaking off doesn't occur. I am the textbook definition of a fairweather golfer. My score plummets just as fast as the weather so I have the utmost respect for those that brave the weather and can post a score.
  9. Don O

    I've played in 34F with a wind chill of 20F - because I could. The ground wasn't frozen, yet. But with the number of clothing layers, fingers losing feeling, and getting a facial peel from the wind, I just don't think it is worth playing under 40F. If the ground has frozen, it just isn't a real contest if holding a green depends on the ball bouncing straight up and not landing 20 feet away from the green on the landing off the bounce from the green. Even early in the season while the ground freeze is still melting is iffy. Finding a mud-caked ball within a foot of where it lands takes some of the joy not to mention lengthening the course dramatically. At some point, hitting from a heated bay is much fun.
  10. Jim K

    Below 40 degrees is when I take a very hard look. Most of my regular comrades bail out below 50. I have played many times around freezing temps, but as I've aged my heart isn't really in it that much anymore!
  11. Jeffery M

    As long as it’s 32 and sunny I’m out there. Coming from Ohio, we play whenever whether permits and course is open.
  12. Dr. Kovatchian

    Playing in cold weather is all relative to your geographical location.
    We live in Carlsbad now and have been around the block and lived in some great cities around the USA.
    Here are my cities and too cold to golf temps.
    South Bend, IN...38 degrees.
    Feederick, MD...40 degrees.
    Madison, WI...35 degrees.
    Austin, TX...45 degrees.
    Asheville, NC...45 degrees
    Carlsbad, CA...55 degrees

    Dr. K
  13. Barry B

    I will play when the temp is below 40°, but it's needs to be sunny with almost no wind.
  14. Steve R

    I voted that not less than 40, but there has been special events that I have played that was less.
    Add the other general rule: Cold, Wind, and Rain - Only 2 of the three, maximum.
  15. Tim Tiger

    I pretty much have an age rule these days. If the temp drops below my age(46). Then I'm not playing.

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