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It's officially spring...


Why do I say that? Because the itch was finally scratched as the mercury climbed up to 53 just outside of Cleveland, and I was able to get 9 in after work. I was also breaking in a new driver that was hit only for a week that I found at Golf Galaxy for 149.99. The sales associate who I bought it from said he was going to buy it if I didn't. It only lasted 3 days.

The round was windy, but it was real golf on a real course. I had a little of everything: a birdie, a three put, and a few lip outs. My Titleist ball was up to the challenge, and my Scotty Cameron putter felt as good as ever. If am now even looking more forward to Sunday, when a travel to Phoenix for some Spring Break golfing. It's supposed to be 91 when we land! I will take it!

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  1. Rob_Roth1

    i can't complain as i am moving to San Diego but I was able to play night golf last night and it was a trip. It's a nice thing to do after work to keep the swing going.

    Not sure why night golf isn't bigger in the US
  2. Chuck Z

    You are right spring is definitely in the air and with it comes the winds off the ocean. Have been playing in two to three club winds this week and temps ranging from 40s to 60s. Interesting part of the game and teaches you to hit a lot of different shots. My Titleist clubs and Prov1 responds well in all conditions.
  3. Chuck Z

    Forgot to add even had an eagle yesterday. Drive, hybrid, putt. Excitement of the day.
  4. Dale V

    Phoenix is great this time of year. Just got back from my annual MLB Spring Training trip. Just baseball, no golf. They are pretty pricey this time of the year and like Rob is about to discover, lots of year-round golf here in San Diego. Have a great trip and hopefully when you get home it will be starting to warm up there, too.
  5. John M

    Great that you were able to get out. Weather in the Bay Area has been a bit strange. Last week I was wearing my goretex waterproofs and today it was 70 degrees with no clouds. The greenskeepers finally cut the 5-infinity inch rough down to a manageable 3 inches. After taking a lesson (from former LPGA pro-Jenny Park-Choi), I played a nice 9, practicing what she told me to do. It was a beautiful day to be out. Hope you guys are enjoying the sunshine soon! Cheers!
  6. ScottyC50

    Prices tend to go down considerably after spring training, as it is their high season. I'm really looking forward to it....
  7. Don T

    Love it! Spring is definitely getting here!
    Here in Denver it was a little nicer than some places (62deg ) and the round was typical post winter fun.
    Brand new AP2s and AVX balls. Went like this: After 9 holes of hitting a balky driver into the cheap seats and not really giving the irons or the ball a chance to show up, I settled down. Shot 38 on the back with 2 birdies.
    The new irons are epic and the ball did really well. Soft like butter Nice!
    I am so ready for the season to gear up! Fairways and Greens!
  8. Sam R

    Over in the UK we've largely had nothing but rain! Most courses have either been closed for large parts (usually the weekend :( ) or are mud baths!

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