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My Titleiest - Experience

Steve N

I'm super excited about the new My Titleist direct ordering platform! Hopefully we will see the collegiate logo program in hats extended to this platform.

Thanks Titleist!

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  1. Justinu3

    Agreed!! Love this addition. Lets see some casual clothes (tshirts, hoodies, etc)!
  2. JBigda

    I couldn’t agree more. It’s so nice to be able to buy direct.

    One pet peeve of mine is I can’t buy golf balls here. They end up being $5 more expensive per dozen for the customized balls I order if I price them up here.
  3. Doug E

    Ordered my custom AVX with 3 lines of personal text and the T/T logo last Tuesday. FedEx just dropped them off this morning. One week, from order to delivery! Wow. Great service along with a nice thank you card from Titleist. What a great golf company. The best.
  4. Joseph C

    I've seen this asked but have NOT seen it answered. I'm trying to create a thank you gift for my freind hosting me in his Member-Guest at the Riverton Country Club. I created a logo and would LOVE to put it on some ProV1x's for him. Can I do that??
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