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By Mark T

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  1. Does anyone know the best place to get fitted for a full set of Titleist clubs in Melbourne? Where they can measure swing speed etc

  2. Mark,


    Weve got a brand new Regional Fitting Centre purpose built for Titleist at Spring Valley Golf Club- call our Customer Service Team on 1800 660 535 to make a booking.




  3. Barry G

    Barry G
    Hinchinbrook, 0

    Hi Dave, do you have something similar for us Sydney siders? I am looking at purchasing the 910 driver, 3 wood & 3 & 4 hybrid. Regards, Barry

  4. Robb P

    Robb P
    Cairns, QLD

    Hello. I live in North Queensland and am looking at a set of AP2 712 irons and a 910 D2 Driver, with fairways and wedges too.Is there any club fitting available near me? Post code 4870 Cairns Many thanks. Robb

  5. Hi guys,


    The best place to find anyone of our trained Fitting Staff is on the Stockist Locator at the top of this page.

    Feel free to call our customer service team on 1800 660 535 for further informationa about fitters and the availabiilty of Titleist Fitting Carts in your area.



  6. Robb P

    Robb P
    Cairns, QLD

    Many thanks ,I organised a fitting with my local Pro ( an authorised and recommended Titleist fitter) after some demo rounds with the AP2 .Today I got fitted for the irons , some interesting facts came to light about my swing.Excellent service and looking to get a set ordered by the end of the week. Robb P

  7. Mark A

    Mark A
    Bayswater, VIC

    Hi Dave,

    how does a fitting session compare to the "Clubfit" process offered by Drummond Golf retailers?

    I have previously been Clubfit by Drummond's for a set of 710 MBs. I was checked for clubhead speed, length, lie angle and grip size. When it came down to shaft make and flex it came down to what I was familiar with. Overall, I'm satisfied with the outcome of the fitting process, but have always wondered if there was something better out there for my game.

    A few years on, I'm now in the market for a new set of irons and was considering making an appointment for a full fitting. Would I be able to test a full range of shaft types if this the case?



  8. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your Q.

    There's no other way to compare the fitting experiences than to try your local PGA Professional who has a Sure Fit Cart or bag fitting system.  Similarly if you live in Sydney or Melbourne, we'd love to take you out to our new Regional Fitting centre and let you experience a one on one fit with our Staff.

    Let me know if you are looking for a fitter in your area.



  9. Hi Dave,

    I'm living in Perth WA and was just wondering where would be the best place for me to do a fitting as all the results that came up from this website only showed results of stockist and just a local pro. 

    I've been playing with a 20+ year old set of macgregor pro blades for the past 10years and I'm playing to 9 at the moment. 

    Your input is much appreciated. Thanks.

    Kindest regards,


  10. Dave, 

    i too live in Perth, and would love too know which local pros undertake the surfeit process here in Perth?



  11. Hi Dave,

    Do you have anything like the "Regional Fitting Centre purpose built for Titleist at Spring Valley Golf" located in the Sydney Area?

    Thks Damien

  12. Does the fitting centre still exist at Spring Valley golf, just called the 1300 number for booking information and they weren't aware of it.

  13. Matt S

    Matt S
    Surry Hills, NSW

    Hi Dave,

    Is Camden Lakeside in Sydney still considered a regional fitting centre?

    Also, is John Beech still doing the fitting out there?



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