Another round of prototype balls just received!

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By David M. -Team Titleist ANZ Manager

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  1. New White Box samplers have been received by 200 Team Titleist Australia - New Zealand Members...

  2. Phil R

    Phil R
    Nicholls, 0

    Just tried the prototype and was impressed with it. It felt softer (but not too soft) off the driver (which I liked)and certainly gained a bit more distance. Also really like the soft feel off the putter and it had consistent roll which allowed for good distance control. Would certainly use this ball in the future.
  3. dean b

    dean b
    devonport, TAS

    ive tested these they are the best ball titleist has produced in the last few years they are the best spin is great distance is good keep up the good work titleist


  4. Andrew M

    Andrew M
    Seaholme, VIC

    WOW what a ball, much better than the ball I've been using

  5. Mal L

    Mal L
    North shore Auckland

    Thanks David, prototypes were awesome!  Was great to be apart of the testing process

  6. Matthew F

    Matthew F
    Melbourne, VIC

    Great new ball - fantastic feel. When will they go on sale?

    Also, when do we get the samples for the new woods?

  7. Scott H

    Scott H
    Hillarys, Western Australia

    Thanks David for the opportunity.

    I have used these balls recently and have finished the survey.

    Have to say, going in the right direction for me in regards to feel and wear compared to the Pro V1 X.

    Thanks again,

    Scott - Perth WA

  8. Tolan H

    Tolan H
    Auckland, 0

    nice balls, was a little hesitant to put them into play as they seemed so nice and new, but glad I did, seemed both longer and easier to control
  9. Gary O

    Gary O
    Narre Warren, VIC

    I have had my prototypes for 3 weeks now and just finished a 4 day golf weekend. Wow these are great, the feel is superb, durable (used one ball for three rounds as a test and apart from colour fade, the performance did not drop), and around the greens they spin and stop no matter the conditions. I went away from the Pro V's for a while but these were brilliant.. Can't wait for them to hit the shelves!
  10. Emerson P

    Emerson P
    Brooklyn, VIC

    played a couple of rounds with the test balls and they were awesome tee to green! Definitely better ball than what i'm playing at the moment, although it was a little soft of the tee for my me

  11. Hi David,

    Firstly, many thanks for including me in the survey and sending the prototype balls to me. I have also responded to the on-line survey emailed out recently.

    My initial observations/analysis of the prototype balls was that they looked and felt a great deal softer than the current ProV1 golf balls that I use.

    Upon hitting the balls, I found there to be no significant improvements in distance or ball flight when compared with the current ProV1 golf balls, particularly when using Driver/3-Wood/Hybrid of the tee.

    I did notice a very satisfying feeling when connecting with the ball however, particularly with mid-long iron play.

    I did notice a moderate-significant improvement in ball control around the greens, probably due to an increase in spin. I felt more comfortable in short game play, particularly with regards to short-iron/chipping/pitching. I was able to stop the ball a great deal quicker and felt comfortable in knowing where my ball would come to rest on the green.

    All in all, no significant increase in distance, but a feeling of greater ball control in short-game play for me.

    Again, many thanks for including me in this survey.



  12. Burkey

    Armstrong Creeek, VIC

    Good! I haven't received mine!
  13. Trevor W

    Trevor W
    Broken Hill, NSW

    Survey completed Dave - thanks to Team Titleist for this fantastic opportunity - this is why Titleist is the number 1 golf equipment brand in Australia.
  14. Joel L

    Joel L
    Spreyton, TAS

    How do I get these?

  15. Scott S

    Scott S
    Carnegie, VIC

    Thanks to Titleist for allowing me the opportunity to test their new samplers. I completed the testing last week and was thoroughly impressed with the results.

    Unfortunately, Outlook has swallowed the email with the survey link. Could you please post a link here?

  16. Mark G

    Mark G
    Ocean Grove, VIC

    Hi David,

    Will there be any more testing of the 2015 Pro V1/V1x? I'm really keen to test out this ball!

  17. George K

    George K
    Alexandria, NSW

    Hey good for you David..

    So here's the thing.. seems like the same people are always getting to try the new stuff.. 

    BTW, how exactly do you go about choosing these testers? Do you simply draw them out of a hat or is there a formula to it?

    Even tho I've been a member for a long time... I only found out about the new balls when they were released ... never mind about getting to test the product, I didn't even know they were on the way!

    Also, it may be a nice marketing touch if members could have the opportunity to pre order some balls  before they hit the stores (kinda make them feel special) .

    Just so you know how the members feel about all this and I hope this is taken into consideration.

    George Kolistasi.

  18. Mark G

    Mark G
    Ocean Grove, VIC

    I agree with you George. I have also been a member for ages but never been given the opportunity to test any balls or anything else. How are testers selected? I have been using Titleist Pro V1 and V1x balls for years and they are definitely the best balls on the market!

  19. Hi George,

    Thanks for the question about our recent member selection process for the testing of the new Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls.  It's a question we have fielded quite a bit since we completed the testing and it's a great opportunity to let everyone know of our internal processes.

    By way of a bit of background, this was the first time that we had conducted a ball testing with Australian and New Zealand Team Titleist members.  The 200 Team Titleist Members were randomly selected after a they had completed a Sweepstakes entry form on the website and had updated their profile information on their page.

    Unfortunately due to the number of entries received in the Test sweepstakes we could not include everyone who entered in the recent testing process.

    For future Test Panel opportunities, the way to be included on our testing panels is to participate on Team Titleist as you have done right here, by posting on our blogs and discussion pages.  Also it is imperative to keep an up to date profile (ie. address, phone etc)  which assists us in being able to contact you via email and regular post.  Be sure to enter the Sweepstakes when they are offered as well!

    In regards to pre ordering, we do already offer opportunities for Team Titleist Australia and New Zealand members to pre order clubs prior to launch.  We started this process with the launch of 714 irons and continued it last November with the release of 915 family of metals.  Unfortunately it's a little bit harder to organise the pre order of golf balls as they are released on a global time frame and stock is not available until very close to launch. 

    Stay tuned, we are about to send out an exclusive offer to Team Titleist Australia New Zealand Members in advance of the New Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls launching in stores in a few weeks time.  Have another crack, you won't be disappointed.

    Thanks again for the post.

    Good golfing,


  20. George K

    George K
    Alexandria, NSW

    Hey Dave,
    Thanks for the clarification.
    The pre-ordering of hardware is a bit difficult given that most clubs need to be tried by the golfer before ordering given as this is a longer term purchase as opposed to balls or other consumables.
    But seriously there’s a bunch of things that the marketing dept. can do which will keep the tribe happy. Simple things like marker branding of the new balls or clubs or branding of towels or even tees..  I have a marketing background and for me it seems very straight forward given that all the components have already been created well before the testing begins.. Logo’s branding/colours/content it’s all there and all that needs to be done is feed the crowd with consumables which will certainly spread the word very fast. Also… if only members can get this material and not released to the franchisees/retailers, they will become far more desirable.
    You have to know that we the followers are indeed golf junkies and we like to be first with stuff from time to time so maybe food for thought going forward.. If not thanks for reading my stuff all the same.
    Kind regards,
    George K
  21. Mark G

    Mark G
    Ocean Grove, VIC

    Have winners received the golf balls for the First 500 New Pro V1 and Pro V1x Samplers promotion?
  22. Andrew D

    Andrew D
    Mawson Lakes, SA

    Hi David

    What a great surprise to receive sampler boxes of 2015 Pro V1's and Pro V1x's! A big thank you to Titleist.

    Tested them in a recent round and found them both to be on the money. Control, feel and spin for short shots and putting was all I could want from a ball. Distance and workability for long shots was right up there too.

    Durability great also. Used each ball for nine holes after which each was still looking brand new.

    Even though I'm only a 90 mph driver swing speed, my spin rate is on the high side. A tough choice between the two but I think the Pro V1 has always suited me slightly better.

    Keep up the good work at Titleist. No doubt the #1 ball in golf.

    Andrew D

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