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By David M. -Team Titleist ANZ Manager

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    To celebrate the end of the 2014 PGA Tour of Australasia season we've got 3 signed Titleist cap and ball prize packs to give away.

    Tell us your favourite player of the summer and your favourite golf moment and we'll choose the best three responses to receive a Titleist Tour cap signed by recent Australian PGA Championship winners Adam Scott (2013), Daniel Popovic (2012), Greg Chalmers (2011) and Peter Senior (2010) plus your choice of one dozen Pro V1 or Pro V1x golf balls for the holidays.

    Thanks for following Team Titleist Australia New Zealand this summer and here's to a great finish in 2014!

  2. Jonesy
    Proserpine, QLD

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    As a mad keen Aussie Titleist fan my favourite player is of Titleist brand ambassador Adam Scott, but my favourite moment this season was watching young Jordan Speith hold his nerve to shoot an incredible 63 in the final round of our Open, especially honouring the Phillip Hughes tribute number of 63, it would have been better to see an Aussie do it but at least Jordan is a Titleist man, those condition for the Aus open I definitely did not expect to see a 63
  3. Steven H
    Mt Compass, SA

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    Favourite player Nick Cullen and his last bunker shot on the 18th to win. He had a solid and consistent week and hopefully a great 2015. Merry Christmas and a Safe and happy New Year to everyone at Titleist. Thank you Steve
  4. Gerard M
    Cheltenham, Sydney, NS

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    My favourite golf moment was a couple of weeks ago. Sitting by the 18th green on the last day of the Aust Open, Nick Cullen putted out, and took a pen from his pocket,autographed his ball and tossed it to my 6 yr old boy. Needless to say, the favourite player at this house is now Nick Cullen and his ProV1X went 'straight to the poolroom' 
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    My favourite player is Adam Scott. Not just cause he plays for titleist but because a) he is australian  and b) he is such a classy player. Keeps his calm and is a great sportsman. My favourite golf of the year was Jordan Speith winning australian open. In such a talented field he still played incredible. And the fact that he shot 63 - which is phenomenal - it had relevance with the recent passing of cricket legend Phillip Hughes. What a day!

  6. Chapzzzz
    Northlakes, NT

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    How many people are going to say Nick Cullen and that bunker shot on the 18th?


    To be a golfing "unknown"

    Leading an Australian major tournament, having 3 putted twice and missing a makeable birdie putt in the previous 3 holes and then hitting into the bunker on 18.

    The TV had almost conceded and were showing Adan Scott heading off to the range for the "Play Off" warm up.

    And.... Then Nick plays the shot of his life to within a foot... To win...

    The pressure of that shot.




  7. Ryan E
    Brisbane, QLD

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    It HAS to be Jordan Speith! 

    He's an absolute beast and has been destroying his opponents!  Of course, playing the best ball in golf will assist.

    The best moment would be his 10 stroke win at the Hero Challenge.  Beating the worlds best by such a margin should be his biggest achievement so far.

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    Scotty, best thing for Australian Golf since Greg Norman. Class act in every way on and off the course. My favourite golfing moment this year, nothing from the tour. It was my first drive in competition with my new 915D2 driver. 270meter par 4, drove the green. Wow.
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    My favourite player is Adam Scott, but my favourite golf moment was watching young todd Sinnot mix it and surpass the worlds best. What a future this young man has in front of him and sure to give you an exciting ride watching him in the future

  10. rob
    Perth, 0

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    Its been great to see Adam Scott back on aussie soil. I enjoyed watching Jordan speith's 4 rounds at the Australian open and especially the 63 he shot on the final day was incredible but for the best moment was nick Cullen's sand save for an incredible par on the 72nd hole to pick himself up a victory by one shot over former number 1 Adam Scott! He shot a 66/69 over weekend! Great golf!
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    Has to be Jordan Speiths domination at the Australian Open. This boy makes it look so easy, im not jealous at all, MUCH!!!
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    Without doubt the best moment was Jordan Speith's final round in the Aussie Open.  In those conditions, to blow a field including the world's number 1 & 3 showed what a prodigious talent he truly is.  I'd have loved to see Scotty win it, but you can't take it away from the kid, and at least he hits Titleist balls!

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    Damien D

    My favourite player of the summer so far is Jordan Speith winning the Aust Open & then backing it up the next week at the Hero Challenge winning by 10 strokes.  My favourite golf moment was Adam Scott winning the 2013 Masters at Augusta National in a playoff with Angel Cabrera in the rain and becoming the 1st Australian to win the Masters. Inspirational to all young aspiring golfers and the weekend hacker.

  14. Kierran D
    Wynn Vale, SA

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    My favourite player is Jordan Speith. His final round at the Aus Open was something else. To have that much control in those conditions was just amazing to watch and he thoroughly deserved his win.

  15. Cameron F
    Sydney, NSW

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    Favourite player is Adam scott. Favourite moment was Tiger woods fluffing his chip shots just off the green.

  16. Callum W
    Perth, WA

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    To date my favourite golfer at the moment is Jordan Speith. As the winner of the Australian Open in 2014 and world number 11 he is the player to watch out for in 2015. He also had back-to-back wins with the Australian Open and the Hero World Challenge 2014 hosted by Tiger Woods. He is also my favourite player due to 1 reason. As Australian's Phil Hughes passing was enormous and for Jordan to shoot a 63 in the final round, was not only strange. But awesome!!!

    My favourite moment of this summer of course would happen to be Nick Cullens bunker-shot at the BetEasy Australian Master's. Not only was that shot awesome to watch, but could have cost him the championship. His Journey was also particularly important with Nick almost giving up golf, and with a single shot his life will be changed forever


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    Hi David, 

    Awesome competition and prizes!

    While my favourite player has been Adam Scott for a long time, my favourite player this summer has been Jordan Speith. Watching him at Augusta under that immense weekend pressure showed his quality, but to blitz a field with 63 on a difficult Australian Open layout the way he did has been a clear highlight for me. Superb golfer as he proved again last week. Can't wait to see him claim his first major.. unless Scotty's up there.

    My favourite golf moment is a real cliche. I'll never forget the morning of the 05 Masters watching Tiger Woods and Chris Dimarco battle it out over the closing stretch. The 16th hole chip-in from Tiger goes down as his best moment for me. You can watch the replays over and over but watching it live that morning still puts hairs on the back of my neck. The pulled tee shot, the shocking lie against the collar, the tournament situation, the final revolution as the ball fell into the hole, the commentary. It had it all.

    Unbelievable golfing moment and still my favourite.

    Thanks again for the competition,

    Best, Matt

  18. steve d
    Camperdown, VIC

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    Fave moment of our summer, Jordan Speith's effort in winning the Oz open and especially his final round. Then went on to dominate tiger woods tournament. This kid is the full package, top of the line, like titleist :-)
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    Jordan Speith would be my favourite player of the summer, winning the Australian Open with a closing course record of 63, and showing that he has the game for 2015.  It shows his 2nd in the Masters wasn't a 'flash in the pan' performance.  Best moment, although it potential robbed Adam Scott of another Australian Masters title, was Nick Cullen's tournament winning bunker shot on the 72nd hole.

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    Damien D

    Jordan Speith would be my favourite player of the summer, winning the Australian Open with a closing course record of 63, and showing that he has the game for 2015.  It shows his 2nd in the Masters wasn't a 'flash in the pan' performance.  Best moment, although it potential robbed Adam Scott of another Australian Masters title, was Nick Cullen's tournament winning bunker shot on the 72nd hole.


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    Brooks keopka was my fav player to watch, but best moment was Christopher Meyers Albatross to win the nature valley first tee open at Pebble Beach when he holed a 4 iron from 187 metres on the 18th to claim the most memorable of victories.
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    Nick Cullen for sure.

    When Nick was younger back when he was in grade 6 or 7, we had him stay at our home when he was in Murray Bridge for SAPSASA cricket. He stayed for a week and then when Murray Bridge SAPSASA team went to Adelaide my son stayed with him,his brother Dan and his family in Adelaide.

    So yes Nick winning the Masters was by far our favourite moment of the summer of golf

    Luke Willliams

    14 Roper Rd

    Murray Bridge  SA


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    My favourite player is Adam Scott not only because is is sponsored by Titleist but a great ambassador for Golf in Australia.My favourite golf moment anytime watching Adam play win or lose doesn't matter to me can sit in front of television for hours and watch him.
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