By Ric Gregory

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  1. Ric Gregory

    Ric Gregory
    Currans Hill, NSW

    Hi All ~ just curious as thinking about upgrading from all my 913 equipment in my bag to the new 915 series. 

    I presently have been fitted with exotic shafts which I like and would like to fit these shafts straight into my new equipment but I am not sure if the surefit from the 913 will fit into 915 for fairway and hybrid equipment. I know the driver does cross over though.

    BTW - Happy new year!

  2. Adrian P

    Adrian P
    Melbourne, VIC

    G'day Ric!

    the 913 Surefit adaptor works perfectly on the 915, I did exactly the same thing with my metals. If it's any incentive, the 915s are well worth it! Good luck!

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