714 AP2's - Fake?

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By Greg B

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  1. Greg B

    Greg B
    Bridgewater, NS

    Over the holidays I purchased a set of 714 AP2 irons from a guy on a popular canadian classifieds site - he lives a couple of hours away, so his sister in law dropped them off to me on her way through town. 

    He told me that he is sure that they are real because he won them at a tournament at his local club and that they are authorized Titleist dealers and showed me the serial number. They came with plastic on the heads, serial number and Certified Authentic sitcker only on the 6-iron, and the "Flight, Forgiveness, and Feel" sticker on the sole of the 5-iron. Everything looked legit.

    I've had them sitting in my bag and looking at them every day because they are pretty (lol), however I haven't hit them yet. Today I noticed that the paint fill below the 9 on the 9-iron is missing which raised a few flags. I also noticed the paint on the P of the pitching wedge is kind of sloppy. Everything else looks okay, however I'm no expert, though I thought I did enough research before buying. So I called 1-800-TITLEIST and gave them the serial number and they say they do not have any records for these clubs, but the seller claims they are real. I was wondering if this may be because I'm in Canada and maybe we have different factories or something...I hope....please?

    Here are some photos, what do you think?

  2. Hi Greg,

    Thanks for your post and the pictures.

    At first look the clubs appear to be genuine.  If you are concerned they are counterfeit, then please stop by a Titleist golf club stockist in your area and have them checked out.  If you located in Canada go to http://www.titleist.ca/find-a-golf-shop/ to find a stockist near you.

    Re. the paintfill coming out on the irons.  We've seen it on a few occassions and each time we offer the consumer that choice to have the iron head replaced or leave it as is.  The paintfill on the numbers does not affect the performance of the club.  Again, if you are concerned, take the irons to a Titleist golf club stockist and they will know how to proceed.

    Good golfing,


  3. james c

    james c
    staten island, NY

    what was the verdict greg? are they real or fake?

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