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By Dylan B

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  1. Dylan B

    Dylan B
    Stanthorpe, QLD

    I'm a 15 year old off 1 and I am a member at a fairly easy golf course and lately i have been playing a lot better at harder golf course than at my home course. For example I shot -2 70 at Royal Queensland but my last two rounds at Stanthorpe are 75 and 78. I believe that this may be from a lack of engagement on easier courses where I don't have to concentrate as well on every shot. Whereas on a harder course I concentrate better.

    Any thoughts

  2. Tony N

    Tony N

    Hi Dylan

    Could be a number of factors as to why you have a better 'away' game. Sometimes complacency does come in to it as "familiarity breeds contempt". Sometimes I find that I'm a bit too aggresive on my home course and actually score better with a more conservative approach. Another reason may be that your 'easy course' doesn't suit your game as much as some of the harder courses you've been playing. For example the'hard' courses may have dog leg holes that suit the shape of your natural shot and the 'easy' home course has more dog legs in the other direction.

    Personally I often prefer difficult courses as my favourite club is my 60 degree Vokey and have a lot more fun around the greens trying to get up and down on a challenging green. I also find that fairway lies are usually better on a challenging course as they are usually more expensive and therefore better maintained.


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