Why is so hard to buy the TITLEIST clubs you want ?

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By Peter .

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  1. Really , I have upto 2k ready to roll for a set of AP2's (plus new bag etc)  but my local pro's fitting kit just does not have the shafts I want to try...I contacted customer (using link on this site)  service trying to find out how to get some for a fitting ...nil reply

    Been at this for months now - waiting waiting waiting ...Trying to support local pro but........

    How hard can it be to supply 2 test shafts ?

    Does any one care ?  seems not ...Trying to support local pro but........should I just shop another brand at golfmart !!

  2. Greg C

    Greg C
    Narre Warren, VIC

    Which state are you in? I just bought a set of AP2's plus wedges in Victoria. I got my fitting done at the Titleist Fitting Centre at Spring Valley golf course. Full range of different shafts to try.

  3. Hey Greg,


    Just wondering how you contacted Spring Valley to organize a fitting, did you go through Titelist or the golf club itslef? Also what did the fitting cost?


    Thanks Mark

  4. Hi Mark,

    You have to contact Titleist, not Spring Valley... I think their number is 1800 660 535.

    It was $75 for 90mins and they have absolutely everything. Corey the fitter is a great bloke and knows his stuff.


  5. You're spot on Andrew.

    Call 1800 660 535 to book your Club Fitting with Corey at the Titleist Fitting Centre located at Spring Valley Golf Club.

    Thanks for posting!


  6. Darrell A

    Darrell A
    Bossley Park, NSW

    Hi Dave,

    Do you have a Regional Fitting Centre located in Sydney?



  7. Ace

    Emu Plains, NSW


    Your local pro should be able to put you in touch with the Titleist rep - mine was done at Camden Lakeside.



  8. Chris Hatem

    Chris Hatem

    What shafts are you looking to test?
  9. NS pro 970 stiff and DG SL S300 ....plus 1 inch

    Both these fit in with suggestion from other makers fitting days ....ie lightweight stiff

    My current 24 yr old irons are plus 1/2 but I also have access to an ap2 710 8 iron that has ns pro 1050 stiff plus 1 in it ...it feels great ..easy to hit . Hence  looking to test plus 1 at fitting

    The 1050 However launches very high also had a hit with a mates 712 with ns 105t ...but these went even higher ...

    The DG SL is the lowest launch .... but without a test shaft have no idea on fèel ..which for me is number 1

  10. Damien J

    Damien J
    North Rocks, NSW

    I had no dramas. Went to the local Drummond Golf and being left handed I was a bit limited. They did have demo irons. The salesman contacted Titleist and within a week had a number of demos there ready to go. Variety of irons, fairway metal, hybrid, driver the lot. Let me have them for a few days to try on the course. Went back bought a full kit, irons, driver, fairway, hybrid, wedges, bag. Good service.

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