915D2 not sure on set up?

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By Brett Mc

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  1. Brett Mc

    Brett Mc
    Bundaberg, AP

    I have just tried out the 915D2. I have a 910D2. With the 910 I struggle to get the right launch angle.

    I hit some balls with my existing 910 for comparison (this was all done on a png N flight). Then I tried the 915. The dispersion was better and distance up on average by 8m. However, I was still struggling with the 'sweet spot' for the launch angle. Eventually we tried a Rogue shaft (my swing speed is around 93mph and I always use a stiff shaft). The rogue got me into the right spot with a good dispersion and similar distance (8m over my old 910). I even went after one and hit it another 10m further but still straight.

    The setting was all on A4 (I think). My dilemma is that I went out on the course to try it I struggled to hit a fairway. It was starting slightly right and then fading (my natural shot is a draw). On the last hole I hit 2 fades then I thought I might as well try and set up for a draw. I hit my best drive of the day!

    So I don't know if the Rogue (I think it was silver, definitely 70), is the right shaft for me or if the setting just needs to be tweaked on the hosel?

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