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By T Plummer

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  1. T Plummer

    T Plummer
    Sunbury VIC

    Let me preface this by saying I am Titleist player from way back.. So far back my first set of irons were a 2 through PW 990's. With this said Titleist could produce a run of baked beans and I'd be immediately looking for my nearest supermarket such is my respect for the brand. I was lucky enough to be involved with the pre release testing and was asked to firstly test the ball in various conditions and reply back with what I thought, how it performed etc etc. My initial thoughts were that the prototype Pro V1x was slightly longer but (for me) spun a lot less with the woods and longer irons. If I could have produced a ball - these two points would have been at the top of the list! I, like many of you reading this have a miss ..... mine just happens to be having the ability to loose the ball right with a slice when I get lazy. It's now winter and only now am I realising the huge benefits that the newer Pro V1x brings ..... The gap between the feel of the softer Pro V1 and the Pro V1x is drastically reduced and the lower spin seems to allow the ball pierce the air and fly straighter. The ball was sold saying "it would hold its colour longer" - another correct point! If you are looking for a ball that will perform .... Get all over these! Well done Titleist! .... AGAIN! Bring on Spring and eventually, Summer! Tate Team Titleist Members - I've posted this on the general discussion thread, but thought those who frequent the AUS/NZ area should read this as it relates to Australian conditions - hence the repost.
  2. Mark A

    Mark A
    Bayswater, VIC

    Hi Tate, 

    couldn't agree more. The 2015 ProV1x is the best ball I've used to date.

    By the way, I love the photo you've got as your profile pic! It was definitely one of my most memorable days on a course.

    Must do it again soon.



  3. T Plummer

    T Plummer
    Sunbury VIC

    Thanks Mark, I too have great memories of that day! I'm still holding the flame that we'll get Dave out - he works way too hard not to enjoy 4 or so hours with great company such as ours!! (insert rolled eyes!) Speak really soon, and with luck it's arranging a tee time!! Brgds, Tate
  4. Adrian P

    Adrian P
    Melbourne, VIC

    Couldn't agree more. Me being the analysing type purchased over $560 in balls from a number of different ball manufacturers and put them to the test in "sustained" conditions. I hit three of each brand with driver, 7 iron and wedge trying to best simulate typical shots around a course using a launch monitor to ensure the launch factors were as close as they could be (I did have a lot of time on my hands). I took the median value per ball type and I can say without a doubt the Titleist  Pro V1x absolutely monstered its competitors statistically based on my numbers. The interesting thing was that my club head speed was just a tick over 100mph, and I was told my speed was too slow to compress the ball enough to get the most out of the "harder" (their words) Pro V1x. My numbers say otherwise. Will not be changing balls anytime soon!

  5. Kieran T

    Kieran T
    Mount Helen, VIC

    I agree these are an unreal ball but has the durability been compromised?
    As a bit of background I use a fresh ball at the start of every competition round and got on board the custom number options, I opted for 11. I have used 2 sleeves and 3 of the balls so half have a crack in the cover? One came after 3 hits?
    Did I get a dodgy batch or is the durability poor on this newer line?

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