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By Kieran T

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  1. Kieran T

    Kieran T
    Mount Helen, VIC

    G'day TT!

    Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the durability of the latest model pro v1 and pro v1x golf balls. Now that they've been out for a while I was interested to see everyone's thoughts. Attached below is the third ball I have cracked the cover on in the last six I have used. I was curious about if I got a dodgy box or the durability of the cover has dropped in this model

    Post Image
  2. Hi Kieran,
    Thanks for your post. Would you be able to send us 2-3 of the damaged golf balls to check them out?
    Please post them attention to the Golf Ball Business Manager at Acushnet Australia, Unit 4/2 Federation Way, Mentone Victoria 3195.
    We'll follow up with you from there.
  3. Kieran T

    Kieran T
    Mount Helen, VIC

    G'day Dave not sure why I didn't get the email notification! I'll send them your way soon if they're still in the shed! The rest of the box was good except I needed a pro tracer to watch where they went last Saturday

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