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By Kevin M

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  1. Hi Team Titleist, can you confirm these AP2 716 irons are genuine with serial number 78354700


  2. Hi Kevin,
    If you are worried about your new 716 AP2 irons being counterfeit, please take them to a Titleist stockist nearest to you and have them looked at by a Titleist Club Fitting expert.
    They will know the difference almost straight away, from various irregularities that fake clubs display - logos, construction, grips, shafts etc.
    Also feel free to post some pictures of your clubs here and we'll take a look.
  3. Hi David M.,
    I'm in a similar situation to Kevin in that I'm looking to authenticate a 915D2 driver using the serial number (if possible). I noticed in some of the postings in the US discussion site that registered people were getting their serial numbers verified and hence, wondered if you could do the same? (serial number is 7092260).

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