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By Benny

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  1. Benny

    Carindale, QLD

    I'm just looking to get some feedback on the 716 CB irons. I'm looking to trade my miz MP-25 for them but wanted to get some insight in to those who have played them? I'm off a 3 handicap so i've got a fair grip on the game, would be keen on peoples thoughts!


  2. Hi Benny,
    I've used both miz MP4's and Titleist Cb's for a number of years. MP 25's vs 716 CB - Both are forged cavity irons. Both have very similar looks with progressive offset (although very slight in the Titleist 716 CB's). As you will see from sitting down the clubs, the 716 CB from Titleist is a slightly more compact head.
    I think the biggest difference I found was in the feel. The tungsten in the 716 CB's longer irons made the clubs feel far softer at impact. I was able to put a slightly firmer shaft in the CB's which produced a straighter flight - the spin rate was down a little to vs the Mizunos which flew higher but did not give me the overall distance I got from the CB's.

    Hope that helps. Good luck with it!
  3. Benny

    Carindale, QLD

    Hi James! Thanks for the reply, that was very handy information. I'm currently playing a KBS Tour 130 X in my miz's and was thinking of going to the Dynamic Gold X100 AMT shaft to get the progressive weighting. Really nice to know the feel is a bit softer with the tungsten weighting, i feel i could use that on my longer irons, not that I hit them badly, but you can always use the help. I've been happy with the miz's as well, but there is just something about Titleist that I really like, i played the 714 AP2's and loved them, so I think i'm just one of those guys that would prefer to stick with the brand I like.


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