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By Mark A

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  1. Mark A
    Bayswater, VIC

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    Hi TT ANZ, I was fortunate to have my first ace back in late May and excitedly submitted my story and registered for a Titleist Hole In One bag tag. I haven’t seen my story posted on this forum, nor have a received a bag tag. Have I done something wrong or is this only for our pals over in the US. Kind regards, Mark

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  2. Peter H
    Spring Farm, NSW

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    I have done the same as you for both of mine and received nothing either. We are forgotten down under.
  3. Mark A
    Bayswater, VIC

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    Sad to hear that Peter!
    Perhaps TT ANZ could remove the link from its site to avoid others being disappointed.
    I agree that those in the US and U.K seem to be looked after more than us Aussies and Kiwis.
    I've been fortunate enough to be selected to trial balls and got to play in a ProAm with TT before so I can't complain too much. However, Hole in Ones are not your everyday occasion. I would've thought that all TT members globally would be recognised for this achievement. To add further salt to the wound, we have to verify that we are not robots when posting, whereas on the US site we don't.
    At least we live in the lucky country!

  4. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Guys, Same problem here in the USA. I had one May 5th and the story never posted nor did i get my bag tag. I think they were having website problems as they were transitioning to their new Forum format. I resubmitted in late June and the story posted but still waiting on the bag tag. Maybe you should resubmit too.
  5. Mark A
    Bayswater, VIC

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    Hi Dale,
    Thanks for the advice, I will resubmit and see if I have any luck second time around. At least I have the mounted ball as a permanent momento. Regards, Mark
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  6. Michael JC
    Orwell, VT

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    Congrats on your hole in one! I just watched the fly over video of that golf course.
    What a beautiful course! Hopefully your bag tag shows up soon.

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