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By Alex W

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  1. Im 15 years old, play Titleist 712 CB's and currently dont really have a set ball to play. I have a rather high ball flight and a 90-95 mph swing speed. I have played Pro V1x the past before i started playing competitively, and never really paid attention to the ball i played, but i realize now its a big part of my game. Please help!

  2. Hey im also 15 and i play highschool golf so i get a discount at my home course for golf balls. I've been playing both pro v1 and the pro v1x but i think the pro v1x is a little more durable than the pro v1 so if you want a ball that last long i personally think the pro v1x is better but when it comes to feel i think the pro v1 is the best.

  3. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    Alex and Peter, great questions and comments. 

    I have played competitively over the last couple of decades and spent much time evaluating balls, according to the fitters at the national Titleist Fitting Center and other experts at Titleist you really should consider trying both balls over the course of a round.  Then the decison should be more easily made.  I always thought the ProV1x was the better ball for me then last year I had an interaction with a ball fitter at Titleist and he confirmed that as a result of my short game that the ProV1 may actually be a better choice.  There are no absolutes in ball fitting!

    My point is, you should try both balls then see if a Titleist Ball Fitter will be near your location in the next 6 months and see about further being "fit" for your ball like you do your clubs. 

    Good Luck!


  4. Chris said it spot on. 

    You can do some on course practice, using both golf balls. It's not very expensive to go through a ball fitting. Make sure you schedule one with an Authorized Titleist rep. You'll bring your clubs with you and get to work. A lot of fun, too. 

    Best of luck to you guys. If you have any more questions, ask away.

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