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By don p

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  1. don p

    don p
    merritt island, FL

    I have hit the E7 approx. 10-20 yds longer than any Titleist ball. What is the comparable ball in Titleist?

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Based on a marketing comparison, Velocity. That will be a long game comparison. You might also want to do a 100 yard and in scoring comparison with the NXT Tour.
  3. Greg B

    Greg B
    Gilbert, AZ

    Since the E-7 is designed to give you maximum distance, I would compare them to either the NXT Tour or ProV1X

  4. Richard H

    Richard H
    Joplin, MO

    I think the velocity is probably the most comparable Titleist ball for the long game. It's possible you could see similar distances from the ProV line, but the velocity is probably much closer in terms of material composition and target market.

  5. Stephan T

    Stephan T
    Centennial, CO

    In terms of similarity, it's Velocity. You'll get better distance and a much better short game (125 yards and in) if you play the Pro V1x.  

  6. Christian W

    Christian W
    Cincinnati, OH

    I'd say the Velocity would be the closest as they both are distance balls.

  7. Joshua G

    Joshua G
    Southern Pines, NC

    Your only going to gain, or lose, about five yards no matter what ball in the titleist line you play. But the velocity is a good choice for the long game, but your going to lose short game control, which is were your scoring comes into play. I would personally try the new dt truesoft. With its low compression and short game control it would be a more affordable option to the pro v1 or pro v1x.

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