Square and Triangle balls

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By Ronald H

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  1. Ronald H

    Ronald H
    Houston, TX

    I just finished the send the report on the balls test. I was wonder what is the square and triangle balls are?

  2. Mike S

    Mike S
    Dallas, TX

    I'm wondering the same thing. My assumption is that the triangle is the pro v1x and the the square is the pro v1. I currently use the 1x and the triangle seemed to play exactly the same with maybe a touch more green side spin?
  3. I just finished my testing of the square and triangle balls and found that they both had about the same amount of spin. I loved how soft they felt and the stopping motion on the greens. Would like to know what each ball was.
  4. Steve G

    Steve G
    Long Beach, CA

    Would like to know what the triangle and square labeled balls are.

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