Lift Clean and Place.

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By Matt W

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  1. Matt W

    Matt W
    Brockville, ON

    Has anybody else felt like this weather in Eastern Ontario has made the off season a nightmare?!? I played a couple rounds in mid April and suffered through wet conditions but it was the beginning of the year so we battle and are happy to be out on the course.

    My main question is how long into the season are you to play lift, clean, and place? There are at least 4 holes at my local club that balls have plugged and /or disappeared both in the rough and middle of the fairway. How do you guys handle the scoring on these rounds?

  2. FJL

    Kitchener, ON

    It's "Spring Training" until the day after May Two Four weekend, whereby, we figure by this time, we've worked out all the kinks in our game and the course has 'greened' up and groomed up a little and the weather is much more congenial as well, so now everything counts and the all rules apply.
  3. Matt W

    Matt W
    Brockville, ON

    Appreciate the replies!!! Just when things were drying up today, looks like more rain in the forecast here.

    Enjoy the season everybody!
  4. MB


    It has been difficult, I have been placing another ball where I felt the other landed. I don't take a penalty on good shots that sink in to the ground.
  5. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    Great post - I have no doubt many of us have questioned this more often throughout the year...

    I was away on my annual fishing trip last week and it rained every single day but one. I heard they had similar weather here in Barrie. The course does drain quickly, but like you have noted, a lot of areas are still wet and tend to muck up the balls. I think the best thing is to have the local pro post the local rules at the sign in desk so that everyone plays by the same rules. The course superintendent should be able to report back to the club house during the morning course preparation and make it fair for everyone rather than leaving it up to the individual groups to decide how to manage the rules decisions.

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