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By Darius V

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  1. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

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    The other day my friends and I were playing a round in a strong gusty wind and got talking about how the handicap system does not have any way to reflect the fact that we often play in situations that are not reflected in the course rating or slope system. It is obvious to me that when the wind is howling sideways the course plays a lot tougher than it does when it is calm. Often at our course, the wind blows strong during the early afternoon and dies suddenly around 6:00 pm. Almost like someone turns off the switch. The difference in the way the course plays is significant and is reflected in the scores one posts. Unfortunately I cannot think of how the handicap system can be modified to accommodate the fact that one is playing primarily in strong winds vs nice weather. Any thoughts or ideas on how the RCGA could modify the system for something like that ?

  2. Hughie G
    Yellowknife, NT

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    while i don't disagree with you, i think the RCGA does provide for "bad" and "good" rounds. You may notice that a stellar round doesn't affect your handicap greatly

    If you have a look on Golf Canada, you'll see the sampling of round scores that are taken in to consideration for your handicap factor

  3. FJL
    Kitchener, ON

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    Hey there Darius, long time no talk!....

    All that you describe from wind at certain time of day and lesser later on during the early evening should ALL be taken care of through the Sloping process as that is what it is all about. They take into account that perhaps the course architect knew of these conditions and built the course around these natural occurrences (and natural geography as well). It also becomes luck of the draw for players who start early in a tournament vs. those who draw a later time, it happens on The Tour in the Majors all the time, it's called "Luck of the Draw". It's beneficial to learn how to hit the knock down shots and have more than a one dimensional game whereby players simply have one (high) trajectory and under conditions as you describe, they are simply offering their shot up to the elements or the gods to do with it what it wishes. This is wrong IMHO, each club needs to have several shots to it, your bag does not have 14 clubs, it has 64 (clubs) shots, 4 for each club as an example (possibly more or less depending on the skill level).... learn them and the elements will never be an issue again as they will never affect your ball's distance or shape in some instances because like a rule of golf, it could work to your advantage on one hand as a positive thing vs. a negative, unprepared outlook, of which is painted by you in your inquiry.... no offence meant.

    Unless it's the British Open..... 5 degrees Celsius and with a slight across cold rain and 60 mph wind, lol! As my Caddie once said on such a day at ST. Andrew's .... They'll be nay a-playin' this day, Laddie! LOL!
    Tillsonburg, ON

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    I don't think there is a way to get around the weather. At my course too the wind can play havoc on your score. One day its at your back and the next your playing into it. I think since your handicap is based off your 20 most recent scores its a pretty good indication. I'm sure not all 20 scores posted are played in windy conditions and if you post a bad score because of the wind its likely not going to affect the handicap much.

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