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By AWells

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  1. Wow where to start. I guess first, Thank you Titleist for ALL your hard work and research and development. First and foremost with the ProV1 and ProV1x, simply put, the best ball on the market. Secondly Titleist 718 AP2's, the number one iron on tour, and if you have ever owned or even hit a ball with them you will know why. The research and development and technology and engineering that went into those clubs, enable a (larger) handicapper such as myself, to hit amazing shots and lower my score. They will make me a better player as they instill in me to swing better with every stroke. (pic attached)

    Thirdly Titleist's fitting program and associated technologies, such as the Trackman. I went to see Kathy Stecyk here on the West Coast and was fit by her at the Titlest Regional fitting center. And while my 718 AP2 clubs and grip are stock, we tried many a shaft. She was able to determine the best shaft for my swing ( there are vast differences on launch angle with each shaft). Had I bought from anywhere else I guarantee would not hit these amazing clubs as well as I do. No where near, flat out!! Thank you to Bob Vokey for all his designs and hard work he puts in with the players. My 3 new wedges are just all around astounding, and its great to have so many options.

    Thank you to Titleist Canada and specifically Mike Catrera. I was having a few issues, and while Mike could not fix them and was honest with me about it, But what Mike did do was send me some past Team Titleist items which had gone out to members, even though I had just joined. attached is a pic of the goodies posing with my new towel and Bob Vokey wedges. I have already attached my TT bag Tag, the decal is on my car. And my stepson is showing an interest in golf as of late, so I will gift him the divot repair tool and lanyard to go along with the new clubs and personalized Titleist golf balls i will buy him for christmas.

    And thank you to all the members of Team Titleist, for your great input on here. It truly helped me decide on my wedges, and balls. I had been fit for my wedges, but i was having a hard time deciding 2 or 3, As you see in the pic i went 3. As well as trying not only the DT trusoft for the fall here, but comparing the ProV1 and Prov1x. I have yet to decide which i like better. Anyways, Thank You Titleist for everything you do!!!

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  2. Mitch D

    Mitch D
    Richmond Hill, ON

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Kathy and the Team at the Titleist Regional Fitting Centre at Northview do a wonderful job.

    It is also great to hear that Mike and his team were able to provide your order with a little bit of extra attention.

    Thanks again for sharing as it means a lot to us to hear the feedback.

    Mitch D
    Team Titleist Canada
  3. Peter H

    Peter H
    Delta, BC

    I totally agree - Kathy does a great job!
  4. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    It is great to hear you are so happy with Titleist and everything they do to ensure we not only get the best products to choose from, but also that we end up with the best choice in our bags.
    Glad to see you not only have a full bag of Titleist gear, but more importantly it sounds like you will be enjoying the sport so much more with your custom fit tools.
    It is nice to hear you have great staff out west that match the level of expertise and service that we have here in Ontario :)
    Unfortunately, Tuesday (Halloween) is closing day for our season here as winter is approaching but I will be out in the 6 degree temps one last time on my home course to finish the season with a smile.
    Hope you get many good rounds in through the winter out on the west coast !
  5. James G

    James G
    Kitchener, Ontario, ON

    What a great looking bag.
    I remember when I got my 716Ap2s and they were so new and nice. Then my all new custom vokey SM6s.
    Well all the new gear just looks so amazing in you r bag I am missng that day!
    Although I still love my "Titleist through the bag" set up, I love seeing all the new gear.
    Hopefully you get a long fall to play with them so yo don't have to wait till spring, and also get a winter getaway perhaps?

    I Picked up a new 917 D3 last month and love the fade weight setting to replace my 915, but its so cold here now the ball isn't realizing all the great tech in it.

    Maybe that can be in you future A Wells? (saw a png headcover in the pic that might look even sweeter with 917 headcover in it ;)
    Happy fall Team and congrats A Wells on your new bag of sticks.
  6. GMillar


    Very nice - now to get fitted for a nice new Titleist driver! ;-)

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