Titleist Thursdays Events are BACK!

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By Mitch D

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  1. Mitch D

    Mitch D
    Richmond Hill, ON

    Back by popular demand!

    Titleist Thursdays Events are coming up once again from coast to coast.  Book a FREE Titleist Fitting Appointment online or simply walk up and test out the latest Titleist Club Product while getting all of your questions answered. 

    What are Titleist Thursdays?
    A Titleist product expert will be available for consecutive Thursdays at the same location near you to conduct complimentary club fittings, offer product trial, and answer questions.

    Click here to learn more and to book an appointment.

    We hope to see you at one of these events over the next couple of months!

  2. Barry S

    Barry S
    Oakville, ON

    Great to know the schedule, as I know a lot of Titleist and non Titleist players take advantage of the opportunity. Now all we need is the warmer weather!!
  3. Barry S

    Barry S
    Oakville, ON

    Thanks for the update Mitch. Always had great success at the Thursday fittings.
    Looking forward to hitting the SM7 wedges outdoors.
  4. So curious question. I got fitted at the Regional center at Northview G+CC last year with Kathy Stecyk for my 718 AP2s and my Vokey Wedges. And while my Fiance' bought me for christmas a 910D2 and an 810H (used) thoughtfully as we do have a family to worry about (and again Thank You Mitch for driver tool and weight kit, its been awesome!!) I most likely wont be buying a driver until late summer/fall. Should I wait to get fitted or is it ok to book a Titleist Thursday even though I am buying at a later time?
    The reason I ask is I dont want to take a time slot that could be used for someone just getting into Titleist or somneone that changing to Titleist.
  5. Mitch D

    Mitch D
    Richmond Hill, ON

    Hi Allen,
    This is completely up to you. However, I would not hesitate to book a Titleist Thursdays Appointment if that is your preference. We have plenty of dates planned and can always try to offer more if needed.

    With that said, you may want to wait until the late summer/fall if it is a driver you are looking to purchase in case something new is introduced around that time... Always ideal to get fit for the driver model you're going to be using. ; )
  6. Id love to try out a Titleist Thursday sometime, however, being in rural New Brunswick makes it quite a challenge!

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