Today I literally cried.........

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By AWells

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  1. So last fall I decided to get fit for Titleist, and take this game seriously. Since then I have purchased 718AP2 5-PW, Vokey 50*, 54*,60* Titleist 910D2, Titleist 910H, Scotty Newport Putter, Titleist Mid Staff bag, Titleist Perma soft glove, 1 Dozen Prov1X, 1 Dozen ProV1, and 1 Dozen AVX. I have been taking lessons with a PGA pro. And I practice 1-2 times a week and play 1 round.

    Last week I had a horrible front nine, lost 2 beautiful new Titleist AVX, ended up shooting a 93. The past 2 days I went to the range and revisited my drills and at the range, I was nailing it just as my instructor told me But today I went to the course and honestly my spirit has been completely crushed. I am typically upbeat and always look at the positive, and let the bad holes go. But on the ninth hole I cried, I literally cried. I stood on the tee with my hybrid, AXV tee'd up, pulled back nice and easy, balanced well, and swung. I topped the ball and it went straight in the creek. I tee'd up another, changed things a bit on the swing and did exactly the same thing. Grabbed my last AVX and proceeded to do the same thing. I watched $18.00 worth of new balls plummet into a fast-moving creek. previous to that I had the fortune of hitting 2 other balls into trees only to have the balls go into the forest. I began to well up at this point. I went to the drop area, broke into my ProV1 supply now. I teed up a 7 iron and watched it head straight for the forest on the left, another 6 dollars gone. From this point on I had the pleasure of losing another 3 balls on different holes. A total of 8 balls@6 bucks each. Also ended up shooting a 103. I left feeling emotionally drained. And I wept not because it was $48 worth of balls, well ok a little their, but more so the fact that I have put A LOT of TIME, MONEY and EFFORT into this. I practice and I listen to my coach and execute it pretty well at the range.

    I am just bamboozled as to how I can know all the steps, try to execute them as best as possible and yet have nothing translate from the range to the course and simply golf worse than ever have. This is nothing against anything or anyone, I just wanted to share with some of you, as I find a lot of your posts and information inspiring and helpful, so thank you for reading this :)

  2. Dino J

    Dino J
    Burnaby, BC

    Allan, sorry to hear about your recent outing. These are the ones that are hardest to take - but with the perspective of some time and "distance" they are in hindsight, catalysts for improvement.

    I really believe that every golfer has literally been in your shoes at one time or another.

    All I can suggest is that you pull yourself up from this experience, dust yourself off and do your best to persevere. It is not easy, but I have found that if I stick with it, trust my practice and keep working on things, that my game does improve.

    After all, if you stop to think about it, golf is a tough game and it is not a game of perfection but rather imperfection and doing your best to limit the imperfections in one's game. Progress and improvement is not linear in golf, but rather a serious of "ups" and "downs" - two steps forward, one step back.

    I recall a quote that goes something like this:

    "Failure is not falling down, but rather not getting back up." And Allan, you don't strike me as someone who quits!
  3. Todd J

    Todd J
    Calgary, Alberta

    I feel your pain, I had a round a few weeks ago where I lost 6 Pro v1's, I haven't lost more than 2 balls in a round previous to that in years. A 2 week lay off because of travel helped my game out. Who knows it just GOLF.
  4. Scott D

    Scott D

    Well AWell we have all been there. I know the feeling is like a real strong kick in the butt but that too will pass. Dino is right pick yourself up dust yourself off laugh about the experience and continue on down the road.
  5. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    Allan - I feel your pain !!! However - I have learned that when it comes to golf, things are seldom what you want them to be. We have all had those days where we hit the ball perfectly on the range only to find that once we hit the course another golfer seems to show up. Then we have those days where we can't hit the ball on the range at all and tepidly head to the first hole and stripe it down the fairway. I personally spent the first part of this year fighting the hosel rockets. Something I had never experienced in all my years of golfing. I admit I still have them, but primarily only on the shorter shots of about 30 to 70 yds. The key that will hopefully will give you hope is that even though - like you - I donated about a dozen new ProV1x balls during this period, and was shooting easily into the 90's on a regular basis, last week I shot a 78 followed by a 76 which I followed up with a 73. There is hope... at some point you simply have to stop trying so hard and simply let the swing do it's thing. It will come back - just persevere and always keep smiling :). Please let us know when the magic returns...
  6. Dino, I know it took some time to compile those thoughtful words, as well as you Scott and Todd, Thank you very much it means a lot to me. But because of you Dino I reached out to my coach to see if she could refresh my head on my drills, and I will take your words of wisdom and keep them in the back of my head and get up on that horse again. I will go practice more and take some more lessons, but perhaps this time out again I will have more patience? lol

    Tillsonburg, ON

    This is a perfect example why this game is so awesome yet frustrating at the same time. We've all had that moment on the course where we feel like it the first time we've ever played and we can go from striping it down the middle on one shot to shanking it the next. One thing I remind myself is that even the pros hit the occasional bad shots and since I'm no pro I will hit A LOT more bad ones.
    Laugh/cry it off and move on to the next shot. Your practice will pay off eventually.

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