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By Darius V

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  1. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    Brooks Koepka showed us that his first win at last years U.S. Open was not a fluke. Nice to see another win for the ProV1x !!! I do wonder what people think about the course set-up. Personally, I like to see the pros fight to make birdies and to see a winning score at the end of a tournament that is close to par. I know many prefer a birdie fest, but I like to see them have to work hard for it. I do admit that Saturday had a few greens and pin placements that were beyond acceptable. Good shots should not be repelled. As for fast downhill putts that race past the hole - I have no real problem with that. We have a couple of holes on our course where the members know that you NEVER want to hit it past the pin. On those greens we know you are better to be 5 yds short of the green than 3 feet past the hole. Once you miss the down hill putt you are inevitably going to have a 15. footer going back up the hill. Apart from two or three holes on Saturday I enjoyed watching the Open this year. Congratulations Brooks !!!!

  2. Dino J

    Dino J
    Burnaby, BC

    I don't think major championships should be "birdie fests". But, a winning score of a few strokes under par is not a bad score either. I do think though that the course setup allowed players like Finau, Koepka and a couple of others the opportunity to get back into the tournament contention on Saturday when course set up again crossed the line. The course just played far too differently from morning rounds to afternoon rounds.

    On the other hand, Koepka had to make the putts and hit the fairways and greens -- so good for him on that part.
  3. I have to disagree with you Darius. I don't mind seeing the pros shoot around par, but when the best players in the world are 10+ or more, I start to lose interest. I do agree that it is the US Open, so it should be tough, but they crossed a line this week in my opinion. I also don't care much for the course. I much prefer a tree lined Stanley Thompson or Robert Trent Jones Jr. I have no desire to ever go and play that course.
  4. Todd J

    Todd J
    Calgary, Alberta

    This year reminded me of Chambers Bay all over again. As far as players being screwed because of the draw, it happens all the time because of weather, not usually because of course set up, just depends on the week. But it just sucks more when its a major.

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