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  1. I am currently on vacation on the South Shore of Nova Scotia playing a tough 9 hole trac at the resort at White Point. I have grown up on this course, playing it for almost 40 years. It looks a little different this year as several trees were lost to an ice storm early in the year. Still the best score l have managed in 40+ years is 74. Thanks to the new AVX I twice challenged that score shooting a pair of 75s. We have played in the fog all week, but I know this course as well as any I have ever played, so not seeing where a shot lands is really no concern as I could probably play this course in the dark. The new yellow AVX is easy to find and easy to follow . I have 2 more chances to beat my personal best. With my new AP3s, I like my chances. The AVX has help turn back time.

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