I finally tried the new AVX ball

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By Stephen F

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  1. Stephen F

    Stephen F
    Belleville Ontario, ON

    I am pretty routine when it comes to golf. I buy the loyalty deal on Pro V1's every year with the same number on the ball and the same personalization on the side. Every round I tee up a brand new ball on the first tee. I was on my way out to play last Wednesday and I had a sleeve of the new AVX's that were in a schwag bag gifted to me at the Vokey wedge fitting in the spring, and I decided to take them to the course and try one out. I was pleasantly surprised. The ball seems a bit longer for me (almost a club with my irons, not so much off the tee). I loved the ball flight and it stopped up nicely on the greens, and rolled well off the putter face too. I'm thinking that if the AVX's are included in the loyalty rewarded offer next spring that I might make the switch, but time will tell! I still have 2 new AVX's in the sleeve and the one I played, but for my next round I'll be back to a nice new ProV1! Thanks Titleist for continuing to make a great product! Anybody else tried the AVX and compared it to their regular ball?

  2. I finally did try the AVX.

    I've been a ProV1x player since it was realeased.

    I was pleasantly surprised with the AVX. I hit the ball pretty high normally and that didn't change with the AVX,. But I did notice a much flatter flight with my longer clubs.

    The feel was as good as anything I have used and the short game control was excellent.

    The AVX is for me the best wind ball I've used. Titleist did a great job on the dimple pattern

    The durability was off the charts good.

    As of now I'm sticking with my ProV1x due to the fact I play provencial amateur golf and I know and trust the ProV1x.

    Definelty a great ball and would be a good choice for anyone looking for a great premium ball
  3. I ran out of new AVXs while on vacation. 4 are sitting in the woods somewhere in Atlantic Canada, and the remaining balls in my bag are well worn. So, yesterday I went back to the ProV1x. We have had a little bit of rain in Southern Ontario this week, but I kept feeling that my ball was not as far as it was the other day. Conservatively speaking, the AVX is consistently 5 yards longer off the tee that the ProV1x. Sometimes a whole club difference for the approach shot. So, I am off to Golftown today before my next match.
  4. Scott D

    Scott D

    I tried the AVX balls. I liked them they performed well but, I found that the Pro V1 was a better ball for me. A great ball but personal preference won out.

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