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By BMaddigan

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  1. I love match play. You get to play both your opponent and the golf course at the same time. And just after making or missing a critical shot, the game starts all over on the next hole. I played in the round of 16 yesterday. This time, I had to give up 9 shots. I never missed a fairway, and knocked in 3 putts over 20 feet, one was over 50ft. The best way I know to take control of a match is to knock in a long putt early. It is so much easier to play with a lead as opposed to trying to catch up. I went up 4 after 6, was only up 1 after 10, but then I won the next 4 holes to finish it off, knocking in a 20ft birdie before 3 stroke holes came up for him. The key to the match this time was my wedge play. I carry 4 wedges, and though I usually ride a cart I have gotten into the habit of bringing 2 wedges with me for shots around the green. Depending on the lie, and how far I need the ball to go in the air, I will either hit my 60, or 56. Yesterday, I chose correctly after changing my initial thoughts, when I got up to the ball and saw they line. On the 2nd last hole, I was off the green, about 10 yards below the hole. Usually, I like to pop up my 60 with very little roll, but after surveying the lie, I determined that it was going to be tougher to get in the air, so I went with the 56 and nearly holed it, stopping 3 inches past, for a tap in par and one hole away from taking the match.

  2. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    I am impressed with your wedge play. It is likely the final piece of my game that I need to work on to get to a high level. I do relish of course that once I get that honed in something else will start to slip. Isn't that the way it goes ?

    Congratulations on your win... Let us know how you make out as you continue in your round of 16 :)
  3. Scott D

    Scott D

    We have a Match play tournament at our club. I find it to be the best tournament at our club!

    Congrats on your win and good luck on your next match.

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